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10 DLC Characters to Add to Mario Strikers: Battle League

10 DLC Characters to Add to Mario Strikers: Battle League

mario strikers: battle league

Now that the dust has settled from the recent major update for Mario Strikers: Battle League that added Daisy and Shy Guy to the fray, it is time to think of some more characters from the Super Mario universe that would be great additions to the current roster. Some of these are characters from previous Strikers games that have not been added yet, but others would be new to the series and would honestly be fantastic additions to the chaotic soccer game.

So without further ado, let’s go over the 10 DLC characters to add to Mario Strikers: Battle League!

Bowser Jr

mario strikers: battle league bowser jr

At the top of the list is Bowser Jr. To be honest, this little guy’s absence is a bit insulting. Bowser Jr. is pure comedy, and the fact that he was featured in Mario Strikers Charged on the Wii and not in Battle League simply makes no sense. I mentioned this in my review, but I put most of the focus on Daisy, as she was in the original Super Mario Strikers as well.

Bowser Jr. adds a significant role to the roster, too, since he is a pint-sized playable character that is an offensive powerhouse. Many of the smaller characters are either well-balanced or strong in technique, but Bowser Jr. is a top-tier scorer and it would be amazing to see father and son making excellent plays together.

Petey Piranha

mario strikers: battle league petey piranha

Another absent character that was featured in Mario Strikers Charged is Petey Piranha. With the new addition of Rosalina, the heavy characters are a bit stacked right now. However, with Mario Strikers: Battle League‘s stats, Petey Piranha could be set up differently than Bowser, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, and Wario, and that could be in the technique department.

If Petey can have high strength and technique, that would make him a different breed of big in the game and something to mix things up.

Diddy Kong

mario strikers: battle league diddy kong

Finally, the last absent character from Mario Strikers Charged, and it is none other than Diddy Kong. Diddy was previously a very fast character with incredible passing, and I honestly think that would be a great addition to the roster. Not only that, but Diddy just has very fun and charismatic presence, which would bring a lot more of that to the game.

And similar to Bowser Jr., seeing Diddy make plays with Donkey Kong is what we need! Imagine the Bowsers on one side and the Kongs on the other. That sounds great! It would be nice to get more Kongs, like Funky, Cranky, Dixie, and Candy, but before we get the whole family, we absolutely need Diddy Kong.

Hammer Bro

mario strikers: battle league hammer bro

The next couple are former sidekicks, and since Toad and Shy Guy have gotten the upgrade, I think Hammer Bro needs to get the same treatment. For me, Hammer Bro takes precedence over Koopa Troopa and Dry Bones because of his capabilities, especially thanks to his hammer wielding and throwing nature.

As far as stats go, Hammer Bro could be one of the stronger little guys since he is equipped with hammers, making him a formidable opponent. It would fun to see a naturally small character knock down a big character like Bowser with ease. I think Hammer Bro would fit that role perfectly.


mario strikers: battle league birdo

The other former sidekick that absolutely deserves a main roster spot is the androgynous Birdo! This adorable character has risen in popularity since their initial debut in the American Super Mario Bros 2. Now Birdo can be found in just about every Super Mario spin-off game, and I think the Mario Strikers: Battle League roster could use some more pizazz.

Birdo was a power character in Charged, but I think it would be better to to make Birdo a strong shooter with great technique, making them one of the best possible shooters in the game. Honestly, I just need Birdo in the game. I don’t care how they do it.

King Boo

mario strikers: battle league king boo

In previous Strikers games, Boo was a sidekick, but I have decided to up the ante a little bit and go with King Boo instead. Introducing King Boo in Mario Strikers: Battle League would be the ghastly villain’s first entry in the series, and since King Boo is such a likeable Super Mario bag guy, bringing him into the roster would just be awesome!

Imagine a powerhouse team of villainous thugs: Bower, King Boo, Wario, and Petey Piranha. That wouldn’t be the best team, but it would absolutely be the strongest team with the most hits per game. Some times that all you want in a Strikers game.


mario strikers: battle league toadette

Toadette is adorable, and she is the perfect counterpart to Toad. Her slightly higher raspy voice is so fun to listen to, and it was such a joy to see her handled in all the various 2D Mario games in Super Mario Maker 2.

When building a team, it is always nice to have one cute character to make you smile, and currently we do not have a lot of those. Well, bring in Toadette, and that gives us the best option for cute. And similar to other entries, I really want Toad and Toadette teams, especially a 4-Toad team vs a 4-Toadette team. Make it happen, Nintendo!

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E. Gadd

mario strikers: battle league e. gadd

Okay. This is my dark horse entry, and I know for a fact that it will never happen, but I would die if Nintendo added Professor E. Gadd to Mario Strikers: Battle League. This hilarious character from the Luigi’s Mansion series has a gab all his own, and he could be one of the most unique and bizarre characters in the lineup because of his loony nature and high intelligence.

Imagine having E. Gadd and Luigi on the same team, and in the middle of the match, E. Gadd throws a vacuum over to Luigi for a silly combo move. Maybe Luigi vacuums the ball up and shoots it like a rocket. I know this would take a lot of work and effort, but I absolutely think it would be worth it.

Any and All of the Koopalings

mario strikers: battle league koopalings

I wanted to include this in the Bowser Jr. entry so bad, but I ultimately decided that these kids needed their own time to shine. Bowser’s Koopalings, and the unfortunately lesser loved children (Let’s be honest, Bowser Jr. is Bowser’s favorite), are such a fun and eclectic group that could add a metric ton of personality to the current Mario Strikers: Battle League roster.

I don’t care which one Nintendo would pick if they only had to choose one Koopaling, because any one of them would make for an amazing entry. I mean, I would love for the entire Bowser family to show up just to create even more insane match scenarios. I know it is highly unlikely, but this would be hilarious.


mario strikers: battle league pauline

It is the time to feature Pauline more. Since her resurgence in Super Mario Odyssey, Pauline has even made her Mario Tennis debut, and I think adding her to the Mario Strikers: Battle League roster would be great for the franchise. The Super Mario character lineup is chock full of male characters, and I think introducing more female characters would be great, especially ones with a long history like Pauline.

I think Pauline would be a great balanced character to bring to the lineup, especially if you want to do a Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and Pauline team. Giving Pauline the typical “Mario” position, meaning balanced stats and dependable all-rounder, would be great, as this gives us someone else to pick besides Mario (And now Shy Guy) when we want a character with better balancing. Either way, Pauline needs to be added, because that is just good for business.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your gaming news and updates! What do you think of this list of potential DLC characters? It’s about time Daisy was added, right? Now we just need some more! Let us know what you think of this list in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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