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Wytchwood Super Rare Physical Switch Review – What A Witch!

Wytchwood Super Rare Physical Switch Review – What A Witch!

Releasing in December of last year, Wytchwood received a wealth of good reviews and reception, quickly becoming a part of many people’s libraries. Now, almost seven months later, the crafting adventure game is back on the minds of many – Why? Because Super Rare Games have worked their magic again and released a physical copy of it – and we are here to share it with you! (Thank you again to Super Rare Games for supporting us <3)

This review will mostly be discussing the physical copy of the game itself, and will touch slightly upon the game. But we won’t go too much in-depth considering it has been out a while already.

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Wytchwood is a crafting adventure game that is set in an expressive land of gothic fables and fairytales. I know, right? It’s awesome! You play as the mysterious witch of the woods exploring a strange-yet-beautiful countryside. Collect magical ingredients and brew enchantments, research and concoct devious spells and use your wit to solve various puzzles.

If these gameplay features didn’t entice you, then the graphics surely will. Wytchwood looks wonderful and has been lovingly rendered to look like an old-fashioned storybook to further draw you into a world of fables and fairytales. With a host of whimsical and interesting characters – that are also beautifully created – there’s plenty to catch your eye.

But, let’s get down to the nitty gritty – is the Wytchwood Super Rare Games physical edition worth picking up? Absolutely! In fact, any and every Super Rare Games copy you can get your hands on is totally worth it, and I’ll tell you why.

The Super Rare Games release of Wytchwood (along with all other releases) come with a number of cool items, perfect for collectors. Before we go into those, though, let’s just appreciate the cover art, because it is simply gorgeous, inside and out. Super Rare Games’ releases always have outstanding cover art, and this fact alone makes their products worthwhile.

Now, onto the goodies. Upon first opening your Super Rare Games package you will see an exclusive Super Rare Games sticker that contains artwork from the game itself which, I must say, the Wytchwood sticker is subtle, but totally worthwhile. It’s not particularly a sticker that gets put to use, simply because it’s too good to use, but it’s a nice memento.

Next, you will see perhaps the coolest part of all SRG releases, the pack of trading cards exclusive to Wytchwood. The pack contains three random cards (out of a possible five) and features characters relating to the game itself. Oh, and there is also a possibility of getting a shiny, which is always cool.

In my previous SRG review of Flynn: Son of Crimson, I wasn’t lucky enough to get the shiny, but this time, I think the Super Rare Gods were looking down on me, because I got the shiny! I also received the Vegetable Farmer card and the Cat and the Unicorn card. All featuring wonderful artwork as well as a brief description below. I know what you’re thinking, ”I want the full collection of cards, not just three!” and well, there is a solution to that! SRG also sells packs of their highly sought after trading cards – while stocks last – to allow you more chances at completing the collection.

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Inside the game case itself you will immediately be greeted with a small art-book where the good ol’ instruction manuals would be places, once upon a time. These are a neat little addition to the physical, and include a small collection of artwork from the game itself. Art books are always a plus, am I right?

Overall, Super Rare Games provide gamers and collectors with a wonderful collection of games made by independent developers as well as giving a voice to those games that perhaps didn’t get the chance previously. Wytchwood is no exception to this, and is a fantastic addition to my collection.

Sadly, Super Rare Games’ have an incredibly high demand and so they sell out extremely quickly as they are limited to a certain number – Wytchwood was limited to 4,000. But, if this article does anything, it’s to convince you that SRG packages are absolutely worth treating yourself to, so keep an eye on their official website for their next announcement as well as their Twitter page.

Check out Jason’s review of Super Rare Games’ release of Bloodroots for more thoughts of their packages as well as my previous Super Rare Games’ review of Flynn: Son of Crimson!

Wytchwood Super Rare Physical Review provided by Nintendo Link
Developer: Alientrap
Publisher: Super Rare Games
Release Date: June 9, 2022
Price: $38.11 USD


Neat collectible for collector’s

Trading cards are awesome

Fantastic physical release of a wonderful game

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