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Kao the Kangaroo – River Track Collectibles locations

Kao the Kangaroo – River Track Collectibles locations

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The River Track is a change of pace for Kao the Kangaroo players as they’re challenged with a Crash Bandicoot style chase that has the protagonist facing the camera. He’s running away from a gorilla on a giant barrel, but there are still River Track collectibles to pick up.

Diamonds as River Track Collectibles

The first diamond you can pick up is the first of a few River Track collectibles in Kao the Kangaroo. It is on the left side of a tree branch that’s slanted to the right.

Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game by Tate Multimedia

After that, the monkey rolling on the barrel will keep chasing you. On the right side, you’ll see a second diamond sitting on top of a circular wooden plank. It comes after the first 90-degree turn just before the monkey is stopped by a closing wall.

Next up is the third diamond which is hanging out on the right side of the wall that has closed behind you after the first chase. Below it is a broken lift.

Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game by Tate Multimedia

The last diamond is on the last chase which includes Kao sliding on the mud. You’ll see the diamond on the right hand side above a spiked trap.

KAO letters

The first letter K comes thick and fast during the second chase of the River Track level. When you see a series of three spiked traps coming up towards you, get ready to nab the K on the middle section inside a golden circle. It comes up so fast that I couldn’t take a screenshot so keep your eyes peeled.

In one part of the level, you’ll see two larger monkey brutes guarding the door to a room with a long table. Take them out and then before entering the new room, look to the left. You’ll see a metal tube that is blocked by more webs. Use your fire fists to make it melt and then enter inside. At the end of the pipe, you’ll gain the A letter.

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Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game by Tate Multimedia

The last letter is found in the manager’s office; it’s one of the easiest River Track collectibles to find. Look for a hole in the ground to the left of a fireball that can be picked up. It’s also right of the main desk with many framed pictures of the same purple monkey on it. Go down the hole to find the O letter.

Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game by Tate Multimedia

The scroll is one of the River Track collectibles

River Track Collectibles Kao the Kangaroo
Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game by Tate Multimedia

To find the only scroll in this level, you’ll need to explore the area after the second chase with the big monkey. Use the hooks to get yourself up and around the river and then stop when you see the third purple hook in the room leading up to a crate tower. Instead, run to the right side and look behind you as you make the corner. You’ll see a building with webs covering an open window. Break it with your fire fists and then jump inside to find the scroll. It’s one of the sneakiest River Track collectibles from the developer.

Collectibles in other Kao the Kangaroo levels

If you need help finding collectibles on other levels in Kao the Kangaroo, we have them listed here:

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