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10 Ugliest Pokemon Across All the Regions

10 Ugliest Pokemon Across All the Regions

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Pokemon have been a part of our lives for over 25 years, and we have seen our fair share of cute and awesome Pokemon. But what about the ugliest Pokemon? We all know that not all Pokemon are created equal, but many of us are also aware that some Pokemon are just plain gross-looking.

My name is Jason, and these are the 10 ugliest Pokemon across all of the regions!

10. Calyrex

ugliest pokemon calyrex

Calyrex is one of the newest Pokemon on this list, and although it might shock some people that it has made our Top 10 Ugliest Pokemon list, I have my reasons. For starters, this is a Legendary Pokemon, and it is one of the stupidest-looking ones to date. Something about its bipedal form, skinny legs with no feet, and giant head/hat/brain-thing just doesn’t add up.

I don’t know what it is about this one, but for being a grass and psychic type, Pokemon fans deserve a better Legendary than this. This guy looks like a weak slap to the head will be its demise, as gravity will play too easily with its top-heavy nature.

9. Crabominable

ugliest pokemon crabominable

Crabominable is not just one of the ugliest Pokemon, but it also suffers from a terrible name. This fighting/ice type Pokemon has got everything wrong, from its pathetically tiny legs, to its egg-shaped body, to its paws (He’s a CRAB!), to its goofy teeth, all the way to its obnoxious hair style.

This Pokemon is clearly trying to be an intimidating one, but let’s be honest, if Crabominable came your way, your probably going to be more confused by it than anything else. This is just a mess of a Pokemon.

8. Weezing

ugliest pokemon weezing

Weezing is one of the OG Pokemon, but that does not stop it from making our Ugliest Pokemon list. Weezing is on here for a few reasons, as it is ugly for all the right and wrong reasons. As a poison type, it does make sense for it to be off-putting, but Weezing goes much further than that.

The second head that looks like a tumor is one thing, but the constant spewing of toxic gases that seep out of numerous holes all around its body, second head, and extra body part behind it is unsettling. Not the most cuddly thing, that’s for sure.

7. Bruxish

ugliest pokemon bruxish

There are a decent amount of one-off Pokemon, meaning Pokemon that have no form they evolve from or to. Bruxish is one such Pokemon, and it is just hideously designed. It was like the designers decided to draw the ugliest fish possible and then dip it into tie-dye mix only to give it razor sharp teeth to make you all kinds of confused as you stare at this abomination.

Seriously, who would ever claim this thing to be their favorite Pokemon? Anyone? Really? I don’t believe you.

6. Dracovish

ugliest pokemon dracofish

This fossil Pokemon was introduced in Sword and Shield alongside three other fossils, and none of them look good. Unfortunately, Dracovish is absolutely the worst of the four, and that is saying something. This hideous combination of fish and dragon is hard to stomach, and the lower body is where things just get weirder. I mean, its legs are facing forward, but its back appears to be in the front. What?

Not only that, but the fish head alone is creepy. Throwing this on top of the nonsensical body just makes one of the ugliest Pokemon to date. Seriously. Throw this thing away.

5. Exploud

ugliest pokemon exploud

Exploud is a strange idea for a Pokemon. I mean, the entire evolutionary line is centered around noise, and they land on Exploud being the final evolution which has sound amplifiers all over its head, on its knees, and out of its two tails. The lack of color variety also makes this a poorly designed Pokemon in many ways, and honestly, it just doesn’t look good at all.

The fact that Exploud’s gimmick is to be loud and annoying only makes matters worse. Not only do you look ugly, but you sound ugly, too.

4. Galarian Mr. Mime

ugliest pokemon galarian mr mime

Oh, goodness. This one. The original Mr. Mime is already a weird-looking Pokemon, but then the Pokemon Company had to go and make a Galarian version that is the stuff of nightmares. The cold, dead stare of this living ice puppet is bad enough, but the goofy design of its body and hair only make things worse. What is even more frustrating is that Mr. Rime, this Pokemon’s evolve, is an adorable Pokemon with lovely designs.

I just cannot get past how they somehow made a version of Mr. Mime that is even uglier than the original, but here we are. Galarian Mr. Mime in our ugliest Pokemon list.

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3. Guzzlord

ugliest pokemon guzzlord

Guzzlord is just a gross and ugly Pokemon. The design is all over the place, with arms and horns coming out of its mouth (I mean, how unconventional is that?) and what appear to be two heads. Its mouth being open all the time is also a strange design, as the Pokemon appears to have no internal organs. What in the world is this thing?

It says its a dragon, but really? I’m not buying that. This looks like something a 4-year-old drew when someone asked them to draw a scary monster. What we are left with is something less scary and more disgusting and stupid.

2. Jynx

ugliest pokemon jynx

Oh, Jynx. You are hideous. The original version of this Pokemon is even worse due to its incredibly racist visuals. Sadly, this was a relatively common practice in Japan back in the 1980s and 1990s, but this black-faced version of Jynx still floats around the internet and creeps its ugly head.

The weirdest thing about Jynx is that is resembles a woman, not a Pokemon. It is bipedal, has two arms with five fingers each, and it has long and blonde hair. Not to mention the dead eyes, big lips, and apparent boobs. Jynx is just an atrocious Pokemon, and it would be the ugliest Pokemon if it weren’t for this guy…

1. Barbaracle

ugliest pokemon barbaracle

Barbaracle is a disaster in design. This is ugly beyond measure. Where do I even start? What we have here is a fictional sea creature that has a literal hand for a head. Not only that, but there are four arms that all have eyeballs in them, and it is bipedal, which means it walks around like a human. What in the actual hell am I looking at, and does anyone think this thing is not ugly?

If you don’t want to sleep tonight, check out this Deviant Art piece to fuel your nightmares. Barbaracle is simply the ugliest Pokemon and not even its decent shiny can save it from that reality. Honestly, who has a plushie of this one? Do you sleep with it? If so, who hurt you are a child? Do you need help? We are here for you.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your gaming news and updates! What do you think of this list of the ugliest Pokemon from all the regions? Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments! Happy gaming, everyone!

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