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When Will the Pokemon Company Introduce Pokemon with 3 Typings?

When Will the Pokemon Company Introduce Pokemon with 3 Typings?

pokemon 3 typings

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The Pokemon Company has a solid thing going right now. Well, it’s been going on for a while, actually, but it has been a while since dual-typing was introduced into the monster-taming series. Last week we talked about possible new typings, but this time we will talk about the idea of introducing Pokemon with 3 typings!

Dual-typing was introduced back in 1999 with the Generation 2 titles Pokemon Gold & Silver. Dual-typing was intentionally brought into the series to balance things out, particularly the overpowered Psychic type Pokemon. By introducing both Dark and Steel types as well as dual-typing, Gold & Silver helped to balance the system for the better.

But that was back in 1999 when there were only 251 Pokemon. Now, in 2022, there are 900 unique Pokemon in the Pokedex, and with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet releasing later this year, that grand total will be getting closer to 1000.

pokemon 3 typings

I know, I know. Introducing Pokemon with 3 typings would complicate competitive play even more and possibly create some insane scenarios, but let’s think of the possibilities. We currently have 18 different typings in the series, and duel-typing has been implemented really well. However, not every Pokemon is duel-type, and that is a good thing. You see, if Pokemon with 3 typings were introduced into the series, it would most likely be limited to incredibly rare Pokemon like Legendaries and Mythicals.

Also, bringing in 3 typings does not automatically mean that a Pokemon will be overpowered. Quite the contrary, similar to dual-typing, 3 typings would give the Pokemon the advantage of 6x or even 8x (Depending on the math) effectiveness against certain types, but it also means that 6x or 8x weakness is a possibility. Could you imagine a Dark/Psychic/Grass Pokemon going up against a Bug-type? Bug-type Pokemon have been the weakest in the series for a long time, and this could possibly elevate that typing to a new level, as they could dominate certain Pokemon with 3 typings.

Introducing 3 typings would also indirectly elevate both single typings and duel-typings as well, as the effectiveness and weakness ratings will fluctuate depending on the the potential Pokemon. Going back to Bug types, what if one of the new Legendary Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet was precisely the tri-combo of Dark/Psychic/Grass, and the strongest Pokemon to use against this newly introduced beast is a standard Bug type like Pinsir. Or even better, could you imagine taking down a new Legendary with the likes of your boy Shuckle?

pokemon 3 typings

I am not implying at all that The Pokemon Company should introduce a plethora of Pokemon with 3 typings, as that would destroy the meta and competitive play tremendously, but what I am saying is that introducing the concept with a couple Pokemon could create some very interesting scenarios both in the story and in competitive play.

Sure, a lot of balance would need to take place, and I am sure the existing 900 Pokemon would be heavily effected by the introduction of this concept, but I do think the good outweighs the bad overall, especially if it is done right.

It is without question right now that Bug types and Ice types in the meta are practically useless, with the exception of some duel-types that are quite useful in competitive play. However, when it comes to singular typing, we do not see Pokemon like Pinsir, Kricketune, Accelgor, Glaceon, Alolan Darmanitan, and Vanilluxe, for example, as actual threats often enough. Giving some strong Pokemon 3 typings that are super-duper weak to either Bug or Ice could genuinely help make those two typings a bit more useful.

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pokemon 3 typings

Not a whole lot of information has come forward about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet yet, but it would be interesting if Generation 9 is the one that introduces us to 3 typings. With a potential of 100 new Pokemon being added to the ever-expanding Pokedex, we could be seeing 1000 distinct species of Pokemon sooner than we think. With that many, the standard of singular and duel-typing may be coming to an end.

With that said, Scarlet & Violet could introduce us to new Pokemon with 3 typings that helps with the balance, bringing down the dominant types like Steel and Psychic, while elevating weaker types like Bug and Ice.

We will not know what Generation 9 has to offer until The Pokemon Company gives us more information, but I think this could be a great upgrade to the current system. A fresh kick to the pants, and something that really mixes everything up in a fun way. Who knows? Maybe The Pokemon Company will see this article and make the next major Legendary a Dark/Psychic/Grass type so that my boy Shuckle can take that beast down on its own!

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your feature articles and fun questions. What do you think about 3 typings for Pokemon? Do you think it is necessary? Irrelevant? Do you have suggestions? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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