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Rogue Legacy 2 Switch Review – Prepare Thy Family Line Once Again

Rogue Legacy 2 Switch Review – Prepare Thy Family Line Once Again

rogue legacy 2 switch review

Rogue Legacy 2 surprisingly landed on the Nintendo Switch right after the recent Indie World Showcase, and what a joy that was to hear! This is a sequel I have been longing for on the hybrid console, and watching PC and Xbox players enjoy this one for so long created a lot of desire and jealously. Well, it is finally here, and I have the indie game review for you.

So is Rogue Legacy 2 the roguelite sequel that we all need right now on the Switch? Or does this one fail to meet expectations? Let’s find out!

rogue legacy 2 switch review

For those unfamiliar, Rogue Legacy was an excellent indie hit when it initially released in 2013, and because of its amazing roguelike elements mixed with Metroidvania-style gameplay, Cellar Door Games had an instant indie classic in their hands. It was only a matter of time until a sequel would come and expand upon the formula.

Released earlier this year on PC and Xbox, Rogue Legacy 2 takes everything the first game did and turns it up to 11. We follow the tale of a family line that seemingly gets progressively worse with each passing offspring, at least in regards to traits and issues. This is all about legacy, hence the title, and the family line works together to enhance the family manor, rebuild the kingdom, and destroy the evil that exists within the shifting castle.

Not a whole lot has changed in this regard when it comes to the sequel, but a whole lot of quality-of-life improvements have been made to ensure that this experience is significantly better than the first. The story is minimal, but that is completely fine. This is a title that oozes with lore, and the more you play and the more journals you discover and read, the more you will understand what is happening within the cursed walls. It is such a fun and expansive world, and it is wild to see that Rogue Legacy 2 somehow expands the lore even more than before.

rogue legacy 2 switch review

The Rogue Legacy series is a interesting one, because its roguelike nature is one of the most unique on the market. Basically, every time you die, you are reborn as a next-of-kin, which continues the family legacy, hence the title. Offspring in Rogue Legacy 2 come with all kinds of abilities and traits, and the more stuff you unlock at the manor, the more available options you will have for future generations in regards to classes, abilities, and… well… problems.

A wonderful gag in Rogue Legacy is that previous generations can pass on particular diseases and psychological issues to their children, and that kind of stuff affects gameplay, the screen, and more. This is such a funny gimmick, and it makes every round of gameplay different thanks to the next playable character having different traits from their parent. This time around, chosen offspring that have debilitating issues receive a gold bonus, which is actually a fun incentive to choose the lesser child, since they can potentially rake in more money to upgrade the manor and buy more stuff.

The main premise in Rogue Legacy 2 is that you have to traverse your way through a randomized castle defeating the 6 main bosses (+ 2 extra) en route to victory, but it is not easy. Death is inevitable, and honestly, it is important to die so that you can return to the manor and upgrade strength, health, and more while also buying abilities, classes, and such to increase future chances during rounds of play. There are multiple areas to explore, but in Rogue Legacy 2, obtaining permanent upgrades like air dash, double jump, etc is what will ultimately give you full access to more difficult areas. That means that Rogue Legacy 2 is a bit more structured and linear than its first entry.

rogue legacy 2 switch review

Exploration is absolutely amazing in Rogue Legacy 2, as there are always secrets to find, upgrades to discover and earn, and lore to build upon. This time around, permanent abilities are subject to challenge rooms, and these are incredibly fun. I actually longed for more of these experiences while playing. Bosses this time around are much more calculating, and it seems like notes from Hollow Knight were taken, as the boss encounters feel a lot more refined and fair (Despite still being incredibly difficult).

Rogue Legacy 2 also received some major graphical upgrades, and this is one stunning little title. Character and enemy designs have been improved upon, and the bosses, in particular, look amazing. The backgrounds, this time around, are full of detail and add so much more to the experience, especially if you are a fan of lore and iconography, as certain rooms and areas offer little insights and clues to things happening. Once again, it is like notes from Hollow Knight were taken, and the art style and graphics have benefited tremendously from the slightly different direction.

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As for the music and sound, this is one of those areas that tends to go unnoticed, but the Rogue Legacy series has amazing sound effects and eerie music that fits perfectly into the medieval and magical world. The grand thuds of the weapons landing, and the sounds of enemies burning or melting from magical abilities is beyond satisfying. On top of that, the soundtrack is simply incredible, and it constantly evolves as you move into new areas, challenge rooms, and boss encounters. This is truly one of the strongest points in the game, but I can recognize that it can get neglected because of the brilliant and unique gameplay.

rogue legacy 2 switch review

There are just so many areas, so many classes, so many traits, and so much more to keep you busy for hours upon hours. Rogue Legacy was already one of the best indie games on the market, and now Rogue Legacy 2 has expanded upon the formula in just about every way, making this the essential Rogue Legacy experience.

Do keep in mind that Rogue Legacy 2 is a brutally difficult game at the start, but like many roguelites out there, the more you play, the more comfortable you get controlling things as well as strengthening your family line with permanent upgrades and abilities. This is a huge title that most players will probably never finish, but believe me, you will have so much fun even if you are not that good at it. All of the quirks, gimmicks, items, random NPCs, and more will keep you entertained beyond measure.

This is why I cannot help but give Rogue Legacy 2 the coveted perfect score on our site. It looks great, plays great, and sounds great, and on top of all of that, it takes everything the first game did and makes it even better! There are even too many quality-of-life improvements to cover, but let me just assure you, this is an absolute must-have on the Nintendo Switch. Do not miss out on this one.

Rogue Legacy 2 Switch Review provided by Nintendo Link
Publisher: Cellar Door Games
Release Date: November 9th, 2022
Price: $24.99, £22.49, €24,99
Game Size: 1.1 GB

rogue legacy 2 switch review

Amazingly unique roguelite gameplay

Perfect upgrade from the first game

Tons and tons of unlockables and pieces of lore

Vampire and clown traits

Beautiful artwork

Fantastic sound design

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