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How To Change Splatoon 3 Nickname

How To Change Splatoon 3 Nickname

Splatoon 3 Change Nickname

Your Splatoon 3 nickname is a key part of your experience online; it’s an expression of yourself to the rest of the world. It will default to your current Nintendo ID profile name, but you can change it to however you’d like. Here’s how to change your Splatoon 3 nickname.

Where To Change Your Splatoon 3 Nickname

Changing your Splatoon 3 nickname is a pretty easy task. However, it is quite hidden at first. Go to the game’s main lobby, where you can access the locker room and the Shell-Out Machine. To the left of the elevator-like structure, you can find a computer to the left. There’s a screen with two outward-facing arrows as a screensaver. Press the A button.

Switching Your Nickname

Change Splatoon 3 Nickname
Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game by Nintendo

From this screen, select “Change Nickname.” From here, you can select a new name for your experience in Splatoon 3. Keep in mind that your name will not change if you alter your Switch Online ID. For example, if your name was “Red” when you first began Splatoon 3, and now it’s “Blue” under your Nintendo profile, it will remain “Red” in Splatoon 3.

Once you enter a new name in Splatoon 3, you’ll be stuck with it for 30 days, so make sure it’s one you want to keep. Also, try not to make an offensive name, just to avoid the possibility of being banned. Basically, be responsible as Splatoon 3 appeals to more of a family audience. Nintendo has censors to restrict this from happening, but I’ve seen some scandalous nicknames in the past regardless.

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