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All Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Classes

All Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Classes

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Classes

Omega Force, the developer of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, truly take inspiration of the original series’ formula and brings those mechanics into the Musou formula beautifully. One such reason for that is the studio’s incorporation of the class system. Here are all the Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes classes you can expect in the game.

There are four different levels of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes classes you can unlock in the game. We’ll separate the classes by each mastery.You can upgrade your characters at the Training Grounds once Chapter 4 begins. In addition, you’ll be able to change each character’s attire at this point in the game.

Beginner Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Classes

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Changing Costumes
Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game by Nintendo
  • Myrmidon, a quick class that avoids attacks efficiently and wields a sword.
  • Soldier, a class with a lance that has high accuracy and precision.
  • Fighter, an all-around fighter that can utilize a bow, axe, and gauntlets. They have a high amount of strength but lacks in defense.
  • Monk, a magic dealer that is according to the game, “well-balanced.”

Intermediate Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Classes

To unlock intermediate classes, you’ll need to use the Intermediate Seal, which you can buy from the item store or by finishing quests.

  • Armored Knight, a class that is slow but has high defense. They can act as a shield.
  • Brigand, an axe user who according to the game is “strong and hearty.” It does lack resistance.
  • Archer, a bow user that has great dexterity and luck.
  • Priest, a white magic user that can heal teammates and has a few attack spells in their arsenal.
  • Mage, a black magic user that has greater movement speed and lower resistance.
  • Mercenary, a fast-paced asset on the battlefield with a sword.
  • Pegasus Knight, a knight that flies through the air and carries high defense. However, their defense falls apart when hit with arrows.
  • Cavalier, a horseback warrior that moves fast on the battlefield with a spear.
  • Brawler, a fighter that uses gauntlets and punches foes close and personal.
  • Fluegel, a two-sworded mercenary that can utilize magic. They have a higher amount of speed.

Advanced Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Classes

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Claude
Image via Nintendo

In order to gain the Advanced Classes, you’ll need to redeem an Advanced Seal at the Training Grounds.

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  • Assassin, a master of speed and dexterity as they take out their opponents quickly. They do lack strength, however.
  • Swordmaster, a warrior that has higher strength and speed.
  • Paladin, a knight with high strength, defense, and resistance. They use a spear.
  • Fortress Knight, an axe user that has low speed but has “staggering defense,” according to the game.
  • Warrior, a fighter with high durability and a lot of strength.
  • Wyvern Rider, a knight on a dragon that has a decent amount of strength but is weak to both magic and bows. There may be too many weaknesses to consider for this class.
  • Sniper, an extraordinary bow user that can shoot opponents from far away.
  • Grappler, an evolved version of a Brawler with higher strength and utilizes quick blows in their combo.
  • Bishop, a stronger white magician that can heal and attack.
  • Warlock, a black magician that uses more powerful spells than the weaker Mage. A big increase in magic and speed over predecessor.
  • Dark Mage, a stronger form of the Mage that uses dark magic.

Master Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Classes

To get to the Master level of classes, you’ll need to find a Master Seal and redeem it at the Training Grounds. Good luck in finding them.

  • Trickster, a sword wielder that uses magic and has a very fast speed.
  • Mortal Savant, a sword user that can employ strong magic. The game says “the Mortal Savant is a force to be reckoned with.”
  • Dark Knight, a lance user that utilizes black magic.
  • Holy Knight, the opposite of the Dark Knight with a lance and white magic to help heal teammates.
  • Great Knight, an armored and improved version of the Fortress Knight. You retain more speed while getting a massive boost in defense.
  • Falcon Knight, a knight flying in the air that has high defense against magic but is weak to arrows.
  • Wyvern Lord, A better version of the Wyvern Rider with improved strength but still has a weakness from bows and magic, making it possibly the worst Master class.
  • Bow Knight, a bow user on a horse. Their movement speed is increased while many other stats like strength, defense, and movement are improved.
  • War Master, a hand-to-hand combat specialist with great strength.
  • Dark Bishop, a dark magician that calls upon “powerful spells to decimate enemies.”
  • Gremory, an expert in both white and black magic user that “casts asunder any enemy who stands before them,” according to Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Houses.

From our playthrough so far, those are all the Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes classes you can unlock. If we find more, we will update this list as soon as possible. You may also want to improve your social levels with your teammates with gifts and finish quests along the way.

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