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3 Targets on The Wastes Where Life Began in Kirby and the Forgotten Land Plus a Bonus Tip

3 Targets on The Wastes Where Life Began in Kirby and the Forgotten Land Plus a Bonus Tip

3 targets

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Getting to the Originull Wasteland is a lot of fun! But there is a secret mission within the first stage that may catch people off guard, and that is shooting 3 targets that are flying around in the first major area. Well, you may come across the last one and wonder, “What is that for?”, and I’m here to tell you that it is to help save another Waddle Dee!

This is a guide to help find all 3 targets in The Wastes Where Life Began stage in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, so if you’re having trouble, let me help you out!

Target 1

3 targets

The first target is probably the most hidden, as it is off to the right and out of natural view if you are playing the stage normally. Well, thankfully there are a couple Bernards in the area, particularly the one at the very beginning, that you can inhale and get the shooter ability.

Head to the right side of the stage once encountering the first Bernard and the couple dark Awoofys, and you should see the target to the right of the circling platforms.

Target 2

3 targets

The second target is not much further away, as it is right smack in the middle of the area. From the first target, just head left and stand on the pictured platform, and you will be able to see the second target with no problem at all.

It is above a couple dark Awoofys and some dirt mounds, so this one shouldn’t be too difficult to miss.

Target 3

3 targets

The third of the 3 targets is probably the one people will see first, because it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb. As you make your way to the end of the first area, you will see the flying target next to a wall near the falling pillars. From the second target, this is located north and slightly to the left.

It is really hard to miss this one, but once you shoot all 3 targets, you should get the notification that you completed the task and you will have saved yet another Waddle Dee!

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In the same area, there is a Ring Mouth for Kirby, and there is another secret mission in this beginning area that requires Kirby to defeat the mini-boss Fleurina with the Ring Mouth ability. Getting to Fleurina is the tricky part, though, as the Ring Mouth ability does not give you the ability to fly.

Instead, you will stand on the fallen lamp and jump to the rock in front of it in order to get to Fleurina’s area to battle her with the Ring Mouth ability. Once there, it is an extremely easy fight, as the Ring Mouth does massive damage, and this is yet another fun secret mission!

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