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Where To Find The Rune Factory 5 Chipsqueek Bounty And How To Capture It

Where To Find The Rune Factory 5 Chipsqueek Bounty And How To Capture It

The Rune Factory 5 chipsqueek is one of many creatures that’s buffed up to become a bounty in the game. This two-star target, once captured, will net you one loaf of Chemistry Bread. Here’s where to find it.

Where to find the Rune Factory 5 Chipsqueek

Rune Factory 5 Chipsqueek
Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game from XSEED Games

The Rune Factory 5 Chipsqueek is located within the northern area of the Kelve Volcanic Region. You’ll unlock this section after you meet Scarlett in the story. She challenges you to get to a certain location first to show your SEED forces material.

Fast travel to this area quickly by pressing the – button and then Y. Select the “Kelve Volcanic Region” and you’ll get there in no time.

When you arrive, you’ll see an ancient forest in front of you. Run through it and take out any enemies that come your way. They should be very easy to eliminate. After getting through the trees, you’ll find an open plain and a dinosaur-like skeleton in front of you. Turn left and up the hill when you see this clearing.

Keep going forward until you see a natural hot spring. You’ll find the Chipsqueek in this area in front of the water. It’s also covered in a red fog. It isn’t difficult to take down. Use your standard combination of attacks, in addition to some special abilities. Also, keep an eye on your HP just in case this squirrel-like monster surprises you with an attack.

Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game from XSEED Games

Remember to not kill the Rune Factory 5 Chipsqueek as that will require you to start the mission again. Instead, wait until it’s low on health, hold down the ZL button, aim at the tailed creature, and release once a red reticle appears on the screen.

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After the chipsqueek has been captured, go back to your home by pressing – and then X. Then, go talk to Livia in her office to finish the quest and accept your reward.

To make these bounty quests easier in the future, maybe you should invest in a forging license? You can make weapons and armor with this crafting option.

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