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How To Find And Capture The Slime In Rune Factory 5

How To Find And Capture The Slime In Rune Factory 5

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The Slime in Rune Factory 5 is a troublesome beast that can be hunted under a monster contract. You’ll make the town a little safer and will gain a reward for your efforts. Here’s where to find and how to capture the slime in the game.

To first activate the mission, speak to the Field Captain Livia and ask about the wanted monsters list. Then, select the slime as the next creature to slay in the wild. You’ll be tasked to use your capture device to constrain the annoying beast.

The Slime in Rune Factory 5 location

Slime in Rune Factory 5 Location
Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game from XSEED Games

You’ll be able to find the slime in the northern area of Phoros Woodlands. To get there quickly, press the – button and press Y. Select Phoros Woodlands and press the A button to teleport to the beginning of the area.

Next, turn left and go up the hill. After taking out a few sheep enemies, turn left again at the point you find a few orcs. Eliminate them and you’ll find some squirrels ahead of you. Remove them from the equation and keep following the path. You’ll see a wooden bridge in front of you at the top of the hill. This is where the slime will be waiting for you.

Take out the weak foes around the slime in Rune Factory 5, as well as the portal, with a few slashes of your blade. Now, focus wholely on the slime. You may be confused as physical strikes aren’t that effective on the creature. Instead, use some magic that you’ll likely have equipped. Lock-on with a press of the right stick to stay focused on the enemy.

Remember to not kill the slime as you’re intending to capture it; otherwise, you’ll have to restart the mission again.

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Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game from XSEED Games

Get the slime in Rune Factory 5 to a low health bar and hold the ZL button to activate your capture device. Once it becomes a lime green color and a red reticle appears on screen, aim for the slime and let the button go to capture it. It will then say success on the screen.

Now that’s done, go back to your home base. You can do this quickly by pressing the – button and press X to teleport. Once you’re back, talk to Livia downstairs to finish the quest. You’ll gain a loaf of Weapon Bread for your efforts.

After that, go rest, and then you can hunt down the fairy in Rune Factory 5.

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