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How To Change Lanes In OlliOlli World

How To Change Lanes In OlliOlli World

OlliOlli World Change Lanes

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Roll7 has developed a game that lets you change lanes in OlliOlli World, and that’s cool in our books. If you decide to jump into an alternate “gnarly” route, you’re more likely to find cool secrets along the way.

In order to change lanes in OlliOlli World, make sure you’re firmly on the ground and then press the Y button. You’ll notice you can do this when you see white arrows on the track.

Change Lanes In OlliOlli World
Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game by Roll7 and Private Division

Once you’ve changed lanes, there is a possibility you’ll go down a gnarly route, a destination that includes multiple secrets and challenges to find and complete. For example, you can find the waterfall where crabs hang out in Lobster Lanes by switching lanes and going down a gnarly route. But, you should know that not every alternate lane is special.

If you miss a gnarly route you want to hit, quickly press X to reach the last checkpoint and try again. This game is fast, so it might be difficult to change lanes in OlliOlli World first time, especially with all the challenging jumps that Roll7 has left for its players.

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Keep an eye on the level, be attentive, and change lanes in OlliOlli World when you optimal. Try to get your caffeine level up and get those arcade-style skills up to snuff to play this skateboarding title.

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