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Ten Hot New Switch Releases (Jan 17-23)

Ten Hot New Switch Releases (Jan 17-23)

Ten Hot New Switch Releases

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With all the big Switch games coming this year, 2022 is truly shaping up to be the “year of the Switch”. But big names aren’t all the Switch is about, and if you’re looking for something cool to add to your collection as you wait, you’ve found the right list! Nintendo Link is back with another this week’s ten hot new Switch releases you can’t miss out on. Whether you’re a fan of retro-style platformers, intense and action-packed racing battles, or even golf, there’s sure to be something here for you.

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Without further ado, let’s countdown our picks for this week’s ten hot new Switch releases!

Dobo’s Heroes $1.99/£1.79 (Jan 17)

On the faraway planet of Dobo lives a worldly and renowned hero, who’s actions have inspired the work of millions of people. But something very serious happened to Dobo, and the hero has since lost that sparkle in his eyes. Little by little, he got stuck in his own thoughts, creating blocks, and shutting himself off from the world in a dark room. After some time, he wasn’t the same. Fortunately, his family, especially his grandchildren, are making an effort to get him out of this dark room and bring him back to life.

Explore over 45 different levels in the magical, pixelated world of Dobo to find a solution to the hero’s plight, and in turn, become a hero yourself. Journey through the world of Dobo’s Heroes when it arrives on Nintendo Switch on Jan 17!

Shadow Man Remastered$19.99 (Jan 17)

He is coming. Stalking criminals in the spirit world and the real world, a possessed man is coming with a voodoo mask in his chest and lines of power along his back. The Shadow Man is coming, trailing evil from Liveside to Deadside, to stop the apocalypse and to save your soul. Stalk criminals across two worlds as you explore crime scenes in the Louisiana Swamplands, a New York tenement, a Texas prison, the asylum, and many other locales in your quest to Send evil back into the darkness. Go in armed with high-caliber guns or soul-destroying voodoo abilities to punish sinners and unravel the mysteries of Deadside by gathering sinister voodoo artifacts in order to solve puzzles.

Justice will be served in this complete overhaul of the original title with a host of restored, never-before-seen content. Shadow Man: Remastered launches for Nintendo Switch on January 17.

Top Bike: Racing and Motor Drag $4.99 (Jan 17)

Take a ride into the underground world of motor and drag racing in Top Bike: Racing and Motor Drag! It will take you out into a world full of criminals and dangerous races! With over 71 modded bikes to choose from, enjoy an epic and brutal story of underground rivalries and gang battles as you fight to prove yourself against the most brutal kings of the road. Choose from a variety of customizations options too to express yourself as you explore the huge urban sprawl of The City, separated into distinct districts each with its own look and feel.

See you on the road when Top Bike: Racing Motor and Drag rides onto Nintendo Switch on January 17!

Labyrinth Legend$14.99/£13.49 (Jan 18)

Just under the surface of the Kingdom of Kanata lies an enigmatic labyrinth said to guard treasures untold. But who would dare venture into its limitless dungeons where beasts and secrets abound? Well, you, of course! But fear not, adventurer, for you will not be alone in your quest! Play as one of three classes with distinct abilities and take an ally with you in co-op mode as you explore the deepest depths of the labyrinth to discover the secrets it holds. But will you find the treasures you are looking for… and make it out alive?

Find out when Labyrinth Legend arrives on Nintendo Switch on January 18!

Guild of Ascension$16.99/£15.29 (Jan 19)

In this tactical action-RPG with a mix of rogue-lite elements and turn-based combat, you must craft weapons, learn skills, befriend critters, encounter bizarre creatures, and fight giant bosses in your ascension of the Tower! With a real-time action combo system, the Tower will grant you a few seconds to act freely during your turn, so make sure to use them wisely to master your weapon’s combo and special attacks in order to win. Control two characters as you ascend the tower and make use of both their strengths to work in harmony. As the Tower rewards you after each fight, keep the money and materials to build your guild, craft better equipment, and get even more loot!

Good luck on your Ascension, warrior when Guild of Ascension arrives on Nintendo Switch on January 19!

Blackwind$24.99 (Jan 20)

Blackwind is a top-down, sci-fi action game that puts you in the shoes of teenager James Hawkins, who becomes trapped inside a prototype battle armor suit during an alien invasion. You must battle against deadly enemies and cut through their ranks to fight back in a last-ditch attempt to stop said invasion. When the starship Pandora is shot down, the Raknos hordes ravage the planet and leave every human mining colony in ruins. James doesn’t have long to discover how to operate the Battle Frame if he wants to survive and find his missing father… but he isn’t alone on his quest, as an unexpected ally hides inside his Battle Frame. Choose from a variety of playstyles to engage enemies, evolve your Battle Frame, and fight back solo or in co-op to save the planet!

Blackwind arrives on Nintendo Switch on January 20! Look forward to Jason’s review on Wednesday!

Windjammers 2$19.99/ £17.99 (Jan 20)

Even 25 years later, throwing flying discs at your opponents is still as cool as heck, and now, it’s even COOLER! The sequel to the NEOGEO cult classic, Windjammers 2, is the perfect mix between classic and modern mechanics, working in tandem to bring forth an all-new, exciting adventure! Following the steps of the first episode, Windjammers 2 brings new challenges, new stages, brand-new mechanics, and awesome new power moves to make your head spin and enhance your windjammin’ experience! Master the slapshot, dropshot, the jump, the smash, the powerful EX MOVE, and more as you enjoy the kickass soundtrack straight out of the ’90s. Meet all-new and classic characters, and make your way to the top!

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Ready for a windjammin’ time? Then keep an eye out for Windjammers 2 when it finally arrives on Nintendo Switch on January 20! Look forward to Jason’s review on Thursday!

RPGolf Legends $29.99 (Jan 20)

An evil force has sealed up all the golf holes in the world! And it’s totally wrecking your game. Join forces with the spirit of a golf club as you embark on a fantastic, action-golfing adventure to save all golf. Travel across a unique open-world where monsters and golf coexist and get your best scores in 6 unique environments to beat monsters! When resting, don’t forget to help people with their quests, as every encounter counts. And thanks to the class system, you’ll get new skills, special items, and a brand new look as you progress.

A fantastic journey of golf and fun is about to begin when RPGolf Legends swings onto Nintendo Switch on January 20!

The Company Man$19.99 (Jan 21)

In this classic action platformer, you play as an average salaryman named Jim. But the twist is that Jim’s life is anything but average! Hit your crazy coworkers with a keyboard, shoot your evil bosses with emails, and buff up with coffee beans at the Good Water Company as you attempt to survive the struggles of working life and fulfill your lifelong quest to become CEO – or crack under the pressure! Destroy everyone in the way in your quest to the top and put your platforming skills to the test as you jump and dash across seven corporate departments riddled with booby traps, quirky coworkers, and tough bosses. Immerse yourself in a beautiful, hand-painted world of over-air-conditioned icy floors in Accounting to the endless mountains of paperwork in Human Resources, and don’t let anything stand in your way!

Will you make it to the top? The only way to find out is to grab The Company Man when it finally arrives on Nintendo Switch on January 21! BETTER GET TO WORK!

Hammer Kid$9.99 (Jan 22)

The terrible “Szymon Spitfire” had sent his armada of monsters to invade the small village of Vivid Island, bent on conquering it with an iron fist! But who will stand in his way? Why not a little boy armed only with a hammer that has the power to vanquish evil? Use the hammer to travel across the four mystical lands of the island in 40 huge levels where you will encounter dozens of enemies and dangerous bosses! But you are brave, and that bravery will be your strength! Collect precious green and red jewels and explore the world to discover its secrets in this glorious adventure inspired by the 8-and-16 bit eras of gaming!

Ready for a retro adventure? Then don’t miss out on Hammer Kid when it arrives on Nintendo Switch on January 22!

And those were our picks for this week’s ten hot new Switch releases! Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your Switch release news and updates. What do you think of this week’s offerings? Will you be picking anything up? Let us know in the comments below!

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