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PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar Switch Review

PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar Switch Review

PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar

When it comes to protecting your Nintendo Switch, few cases can boldly be as protective as the PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar. Yes, you read that correctly. KEVLAR. The same synthetic fiber used in body armor; the same super-strong plastic lining used in many racing tires. This new protective case from PowerA is a genuine beauty, and even if we take the fact that it is made of Kevlar off the table, this is still a solid casing for anyone looking for something stronger than the slim ones that Nintendo sells.

But is this PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar a bulletproof achievement? Or is this one not fit to protect your precious Nintendo Switch? Let’s find out!

  • PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar
  • PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar

When it comes to protective cases, there are usually a couple factors that take precedence: How far can this case drop while still protecting my Switch and if I drop something on the casing, will the Switch be okay? Well, you would think that a case built with Kevlar would serve such a purpose, and that must be what motivated PowerA to work alongside DuPont to create the PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar.

On the surface, this is a lovely looking case for the Switch. It is stylish, has a great overall design, and the yellow-orange Kevlar brand color sprinkled in on the handle and straps is a great ascent color.

For those unfamiliar, Kevlar is a synthetic material made from a type of patented plastic. First introduced in 1971, it was invented and patented in the 1960s by chemist Stephanie Kwolek. It is light and incredibly strong – in fact, five times stronger than steel when considered on an equal weight basis. It is also more than five times less dense than steel. It can impede knives and bullets, and is used for everything from boat building to reinforcing brake pads in cars. To put it simply, Kevlar is tough stuff.

PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar

On the inside, there are two flaps in the middle that help protect the Switch’s screen, and and the flaps can store up to 19 card cartridges as well, which is awesome! A couple of the cartridge slots are a bit tight, but you can definitely fit 19 in there without question. The side that faces the screen is a very soft felt that rests perfectly on the Switch and keeps it safely snug in its cradle.

Speaking of the cradle, like many of PowerA’s protective cases, this also comes with a Nintendo Switch Lite insert that helps the smaller, portable-only version of the console to fit into this case as well. The Switch OLED can fit into this casing, but I kind of advise not purchasing this case if you have a Switch OLED because it is a bit too snug of a fit and is quite difficult to remove from the molding after inserting it.

The inside also has a mesh storage area that can carry a decent amount of goods. I was able to comfortably fit charging cables, headphones, and even an extra Joy-Con with no problem at all, but unfortunately (As is the case with a lot of these) there is no way to fit a Switch AC adapter into there. A thinner mobile phone one can fit, even an Apple one, but it still awkwardly bulges a bit. Despite, the storage area definitely provides a decent amount of space to include a lot of things on the go, which is quite ideal for those that travel often.

Overall, the PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar is an excellent carrying case for the Nintendo Switch system.

But… the thing that makes this special should also make for a special review, right? Well, I took the PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar to the shooting range for the ultimate challenge: Can this protection case stop a bullet? And the answer is… YES! To my surprise, the casing withheld the impact of a bullet and did not allow it to pierce through. However, I did not leave my Switch inside the case for this shooting, so I cannot guarantee that the case will absolutely protect your Switch from a bullet (Honestly, based on the damage afterward, I would say the Switch would take a pounding). All you need to know is that this is legit Kevlar, and it is a tough-as-nails case.

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I did perform some drop tests for durability, and as you would expect after taking a bullet, it easily protects the Switch from drops at heights of at least 6 feet (1.82m) with no problem at all. I mean, if you are looking for the protective case for your Nintendo Switch console, look no further. It is going to be incredibly tough to out-perform this one.

powera protection case with kevlar

This is a near-flawless product from PowerA, and it is a protection case done right. If the only problem is that it cannot store the AC adapter, I think that’s perfectly fine. I mean, the PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar can stop a bullet, withstand substantial drops, hold tons of your game cartridges, and protect your Switch like no other product on the market, and it looks amazing, too!

This is the one. The Excalibur of protection cases!

PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar Review provided by Nintendo Link
Maker: PowerA
Release Date: Available now via PowerA
Price: $29.99 via PowerA’s site or

PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar

Lovely design and very sturdy

Can carry 19 Switch games

Mesh storage



Cannot carry AC adapter very well

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