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Forgotten Hill Disillusion Switch Review – A Silent Museum Trip

Forgotten Hill Disillusion Switch Review – A Silent Museum Trip

When I got my first PC way back in the day, I used to play these look-and-find games. While I was never a huge fan of them, they passed the time while Mech Warrior 3 was installing. With the mix of Nancy Drew and look-and-find games, Forgotten Hill Disillusion finds itself among an ever-growing list of such titles on the Nintendo Switch.

So is Forgotten Hill Disillusion an indie game worth my time and money? Or is this one of those titles that needs some extra help? Let’s find out.

To put it simply, in the sound department, Forgotten Hill Disillusion is abysmal. Now you might be thinking that’s harsh, but the big problem here is that there is just no background music or sound here at all unless it’s you taking the pointer and clicking on something. While sometimes the absence of sound can be thrilling, here it just seems like someone forgot to add a soundtrack. The only time there is sound is the garbling speech of the 2 or 3 characters you come across, the sound of a puzzle being completed, or the odd light flickering.

While the puzzles themselves can actually be a little tricky, F.M. Studios have a system where if you are stuck on a puzzle, you can hit the question mark on the top right-hand side and it’ll give you more revealing hints until it actually tells you what to do. This system works. While it’s a little inconsistent to the hints it reveals or when you can use it, it’s there when it matters and is a nice touch.

The gameplay is that of a Nancy Drew PC game mixed with those old look-and-find games. You enter a room and you try to find items you can use on other items, or you find items to unlock or finish a puzzle. It’s okay, but nothing really exciting, unfortunately. It can be hard to find the items you are looking for as some of the items are hidden almost too well. Again, when it comes to the puzzles, if you are having trouble there is the hint system that basically by the third hint will give you the answer straight up.

The story here is that your character Mr. Larson is returning to Forgotten Hill to try and find out the truth behind Forgotten Hill. Unfortunately for the story, Forgotten Hill is very fitting as it is very forgettable, and it does nothing really to set itself apart or come across unique in any way.

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Ultimately Forgotten Hill Disillusion is fine but mostly as a time-waster. The sound department really needs a lot of work, and while the story is forgettable, the gameplay here works and has the necessary tools for helping its players get through the puzzles and riddles.

The game as a whole does nothing new in the genre of a point-and-click adventure or anything to set itself apart, and while it was a very short game, taking around maybe 2 hours to beat, this is a step up for Ratalaika Games for me, since reviewing 6Souls was an experience to say the least.

Forgotten Hill Disillusion Switch Review provided by Nintendo Link
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: F.M. Studios
Release Date: December 17, 2021
Price: $4.99£4.99
Game Size: 311.00 MB


Gameplay overall works and feels decent

Hint system works well


Story doesn't stand out

The silence is a huge misstep

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