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Joojee’s Journey Coming To Switch Nintendo 11th!

Joojee’s Journey Coming To Switch Nintendo 11th!

The side-scrolling platforming game from DigiPen Game Studios and Digital Innovative Design & Technology Center, Joojee’s Journey, will very soon be releasing on the Nintendo Switch store – on November 11th, to be exact.

Check out the trailer:

About Joojee’s Journey

Imagine waking up one day without knowing who you are. This quest for self-discovery and identity is at the heart of Joojee’s Journey, where players take on the role of the titular character. Joojee is a lovable bunny who suddenly wakes up without her memory. Armed with nothing but her charm and a mysterious magic brush that allows her to enter anyone’s mind, Joojee goes on a journey to recover her lost memories while helping others overcome their own troubles in the process. To do so, players have to solve riddles and puzzles, complete platformer sequences, and piece together heartwarming character backstories that will bring both laughter and tears in this narrative experience.

Joojey’s Journey will be priced at $8.99 and is available to pre-order now from the Nintendo eShop.

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