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PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller Review

PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller Review

powera Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller

The PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller may be one of the most interesting physical reviews I have ever done. This is a solid wireless controller that happens to be roughly 2/3 the size of a standard controller. That may not sound like a big difference, but in actuality, this controller is small, hence the Nano in the name.

So does this miniature controller pack a solid punch? Or does this little one need a little more time to grow into full maturity? Let’s find out!

The PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller packs a serious punch in such a small size. This is essentially the same as the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller line but a bit smaller, and it even comes with a lovely drawstring pouch to carry it around and semi-protect it as you travel with it.

Now, this is the major selling point of the Nano. This is a controller that packs really well and performs near equally well as other major controllers. Its small size allows for you to have more space for other things in your baggage, so if you are traveling, this is an excellent controller to have on hand that.

Surprisingly it does not feel weird to hold either. I have relatively big hands (Not thick but very long), so I was worried that this controller would be difficult to play with as my hands would swallow it. Interestingly, it is quite comfortable and did not cause me any hand cramps even after hours of playing Spelunky 2 to test it out. For those unfamiliar, Spelunky 2 is a brutally difficult platformer where precision is key and death is around every corner, and I honestly played one of my best rounds ever using the PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller. Call it luck or whatever else, I enjoyed solid gameplay with a controller quite smaller than what I am used to. Call that a win!

  • PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller
  • PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller
  • PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller

As is the case with PowerA products, the packaging is stellar here. Same as some newer products, the PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller has a magnetic flap on the front of the box to allow you to take a look at the controller before you buy it. I love this feature, as it does give you a more intimate look at the product, and with things like controllers and figurines, getting that extra inspection before purchase only brings more confidence to the consumer.

The PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller comes packed with the controller itself, the aforementioned drawstring carrying pouch, and a 6ft (1.8 meter) cable.

One thing I noticed immediately is the quality of the product. As someone who has tested and reviewed a lot of PowerA products, the Nano is one of the most surprisingly well-built products I have received. The outer shell is quite sturdy and has a lovely matte finish, and the Grey-Neon controller I received has excellent colors that match the original neon blue/neon red Nintendo Switch set under the joysticks and on the trigger and shoulder buttons.

Even the buttons and all of their action feel amazing, and this really is a top-quality controller that is quite comparable to any other on the market. But… its greatest strength is also its only minor weakness, as the button spacing is a bit tight due to the size which can be problematic if you make quick twitch reactions during gameplay (I did accidentally hit the Home button a few times, as it is right next to the Y button).

Like the other Enhanced Wireless Controllers, the PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller does lack in a couple areas, as it does not support rumble at all or read amiibo due to a lack of an NFC reader. But it does have gyro control, and it works amazingly in Splatoon 2!

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It is priced the same as the normal-sized Enhanced Wireless Controllers, and that makes sense, as the Nano does everything they can do and it even comes with a nice carrying pouch. To be honest, I actually think the build for the Nano exceeds that of the normal-sized Enhanced Wireless Controllers, which is saying something, because I think that lineup (Especially the gorgeous Blood Moon Zelda-themed one) is top quality as well.

Overall, this is an excellent wireless controller that is perfect for two different scenarios: traveling and children. For travel, its smaller size makes it easier to pack and bring along, and equally, its smaller size actually fits the hands of children much, much better than a standard-sized controller. My 7-year-old daughter used the Nano on some playthroughs, and she absolutely loves the controller. If you are a gaming parent, this controller is made even better in that you can both travel with it and let your kids use it for local multiplayer.

This is seriously one of my favorite PowerA products yet, and it is definitely one to buy for its usefulness, its quality, and of course, its size.

PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller Review provided by Nintendo Link
Maker: PowerA
Release Date: Available now via PowerA
Price: $54.99 – PowerA site,

powera Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller

High quality product

Perfect size for travel play

Even better size for children

Gyro controls

Solid package for the price


No rumble or amiibo reading

For big hands, buttons may feel too close together sometimes

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