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This Week’s Top Ten Switch Releases (Nov 1-Nov 7)

This Week’s Top Ten Switch Releases (Nov 1-Nov 7)

This Week's Top Ten Switch Releases Featured Image With QB Planets, Magic Potion Millionaire, and the Prince of Landis

HAPPY (post) HALLOWEEN! With the end of the month comes lots of spooks, tricks, and treats! Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with candy, but we can provide something arguably better: video games! We’re topping off the eddo at the start of the new month with a whole new list of this week’s top ten Switch releases! While not all of them are spooky, they’re all special in one way or another, and we hope you’ll find at least one treat that catches your eye!~

And be sure to check out our last list if you don’t see anything you like, as well as our guide for making sure you get the best deals possible! Without any further delay, let’s explore this week’s top ten Switch releases and start the month off with a bang!

QB Planets$6.99/£4.49 (Nov 1)

Have you ever wanted to solve a puzzle on a cube-shaped planet that you could rotate and shift around like a Rubik’s Cube? No? Well, sometimes you never know what you want until you get it, and that’s exactly what QB Planets is all about! In this family-friendly cubic puzzle space adventure, play as one of many Astronauts to explore strange and beautiful puzzle planets with mysterious and different characteristics and environments, although they all share one thing in common… they’re all shaped like cubes! Locate and collect stars to power your ship and blast off to new and exciting planets, and twist and shift your way through diverse, challenging puzzles to help your Astronaut navigate new worlds!

Be there or be square (or…. cubed?) when QB Planets blasts off onto Nintendo Switch on November 1!

Tunche$16.99*/£15.29* (Nov 2)

In this charming, hand-drawn beat’em up with roguelike elements, choose from one of five different characters to take on the mysteries and dangers of the Amazon jungle! With a focus on high-risk, high-reward combat, choose the hero that best suits your style to beat your foes into submission and explore a deep, mysterious world filled with unique enemies, characters, and environments, and co-op with friends to go into battle! And hey, is that… HAT KID!? What’s she doing here?

Well, the only way to find out is to get your hands on Tunche when it launches on Nintendo Switch on November 2!

World War Z$39.99/£35.99 (Nov 2)

The heart-pounding and dark zombie shooter played by over 15 million players is finally arriving on the Nintendo Switch – just in time for Halloween season (Well, a couple days late). Inspired by the hit Paramount Pictures film, World War Z places emphasis on fast-paced, third-person shooter gameplay and pits you up against swarms and swarms of hundreds of zombies, which you must destroy before they overwhelm you! With humanity on the brink of extinction, the undead apocalypse continues to spread around the world, and only you and your hardened band of survivors can work together to stop them!

Are you ready for war? Then don’t miss out on the release of World War Z for the Nintendo Switch, available November 2!

Just Dance 2022$49.99/£49.99 (Nov 4)

Get ready to dance, dance, and just… DANCE! The ultimate dance party game is back and better than ever on the Nintendo Switch! Featuring new universes and 40 hot new tracks from chart-topping hits like “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, “Level Up” by Ciara, and more, you won’t want to stop moving to the groove! Team up with your friends and have a full-blown dance party, and join over 138 million players around the world!

Ready to get this party started? Then Just Dance 2022 is the game for you, sliding onto Nintendo Switch on November 4!

A Boy and His Blob $14.99/£13.49 (Nov 4)

When the planet of Blobolonia falls under the tyrannical rule of the evil Emperor, one brave blob escaped and went on a journey to find help. After crash landing on Earth, he finds an unlikely hero in a young boy, and together they must return to Blobolonia and defeat the evil Emperor with nothing but the power of friendship and… jelly beans? Didn’t see that coming! Use the jelly beans to transform the blob into a variety of fun and versatile tools as this pair of heroes embarks on an unforgettable, 2D hand-drawn adventure in this remaster by WayForward of the classic NES title!

A Boy and His Blob finally arrives on Nintendo Switch on November 4!

Demon Turf $24.99/£19.99 (Nov 4)

The Demon World is full of… well, demons. Each one is pretty nasty on its own, and most are involved in gangs and cliques that battle for dominion of the realms’ turf, each led by its own head honcho. But even these bad batches aren’t as bad as the Demon King himself – well, except maybe one. Meet Beebz, a young demon who, even though she’s barely a thousand years old, decides she has what it takes to kick every turf leader’s butt and become the Demon Queen! Dive into a unique aesthetic and world chock full of humor and style, traveling and revisiting different worlds to liberate them from the gangs’ tyranny and take on the tasks bestowed upon you… by you!

Do you have what it takes to take the throne? Then show the world what you got when Demon Turf launches on Nintendo Switch on November 4!

Magic Potion Millionaire$11.99*/£8.63* (Nov 4)

In this management/hunting and side-scrolling hybrid, you only have one goal: make money! Enter and conquer a variety of procedurally generated dungeons filled to the brim with enemies and loot, and gather the materials necessary to build your potion empire! Potions can be used for almost anything, even combat, and the more you create, the more profit you’ll earn! Sounds simple, right? And with the gold you can earn, you can not only grow your business to new heights, but purchase even better equipment, even better weapons and, you guessed it, even better potions!

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It’s all about the money in this brand-new side scrolling adventure, and who doesn’t like money? Or saving money, since it’s also on sale for a limited time after launch. So don’t wait! Get your hands on Magic Potion Millionaire when it launches on Nintendo Switch on November 4!

One Last Memory $9.99/£9.99 (Nov 4)

One Last Memory is an emotional, story-driven exploration game following an old man who must take a journey through nature to re-discover his past and witness once again the lost memories of his family. It is an adventure filled with joy, sadness, and breathtaking locations and environments, all shifting through 4 seasons and a variety of twists and turns along the way. Some good, some bad.

Experience a moving and enticing story in One Last Memory for the Nintendo Switch, arriving November 4.

The Gardener and the Wild Vines$8.99*/£6.65*(Nov 5)

How far would you go to save the one you love? If your answer is to go on a grand adventure where you must climb towers and battle against the forces of nature that have manifested into deadly plants and flora, then The Gardener and the Wild Vines is your game! Leap, slash, and climb your way to the top in this unique action platformer, using flowers and vines to make your way upward while cutting the ones out to get you! Each level will test tour reflexes and time with each jump you make as you travel through visually stunning locations on your search for the prince!

Will you make it to the top? Then check out The Gardener and the Wild Vines when it leaps onto Nintendo Switch on November 5!

The Prince of Landis$7.99/£7.99 (Nov 5)

In the year 198X, a young boy named Evan tries his best to survive a bleak and lonely life in the snowy backwater of Landis, Oregon. He deals with frequent bullying, his father is unpredictable, and his life, in general, is not very bright. That is, until one fateful day when his existence is forever changed by the dark influences of a strange visitor from another world. With the guidance of his new ally, can Evan stand up against schoolyard bullies, and make his life just a little better, and find the courage to stand up for himself? The Prince of Landis combines the character-driven story and dialog of a visual novel with the exploration and puzzle-solving of an adventure game, and it manages to do this with a great level of care and attention to detail.

Experience Evan’s story when The Prince of Landis arrives on Nintendo Switch on November 5.

And those were this week’s top ten Switch releases! Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your Switch release news and updates. What do you think of this week’s offerings? Will you be picking anything up? Let us know in the comments below!

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