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PowerA Animal Crossing Joy-Con Comfort Grip Review

PowerA Animal Crossing Joy-Con Comfort Grip Review

PowerA Animal Crossing Joy-Con Comfort Grip

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When it comes to the Joy-Con Grip, many of us have our reserves. The PowerA Animal Crossing Joy-Con Comfort Grip, although specifically Animal Crossing themed, is a solid alternative to the standard issued Switch Joy-Con Grip. PowerA was kind enough to send us one of these beauties, and I have been testing it for a while now and am quite satisfied.

So does the PowerA Animal Crossing Joy-Con Comfort Grip (And other themed Joy-Con Comfort Grip) do the job Nintendo couldn’t? Or is this just another chunk of plastic to sit near your Nintendo Switch console?

  • PowerA Animal Crossing Joy-Con Comfort Grip
  • PowerA Animal Crossing Joy-Con Comfort Grip

The PowerA Joy-Con Comfort Grip is a nice upgrade to the standard Joy-Con Grip that comes packaged in with new Nintendo Switch consoles. For starters, the wider center allows for a more comfortable handle on the controller, and the better angled arms make this feel like you are actually holding a more standard controller as opposed to the inferior Joy-Con Grip.

But the most impressive feature are the comfortable ergonomic grips that feel so much better in the hands than the bread stick-like grips of the standard Joy-Con Grip. Thanks to this, long term play with the PowerA Animal Crossing Joy-Con Comfort Grip is exceptional, and this is absolutely worth your purchase if you are looking for a cheap alternative and a viable second controller for your Switch console (Assuming you have another controller). There are significantly better controller options out there, but if you want to make use of the two Joy-Con that come with your Switch and use them more adequately, look no further.

The one issue I have with this is that there is no way to charge the Joy-Con while they are in this Comfort Grip, but considering the standard Nintendo Joy-Con Charging Grip costs $49.99, $14.99 for this pleasant Animal Crossing-themed PowerA option is a no-brainer.

Considering there is a huge market for third-party Joy-Con grips, I do find that the PowerA option is the best of the bunch. If there was a $24.99 option that included a charging port, I honestly think this would be a better product, even at a higher price. I think this stems from the reality that there are so few options to charge Joy-Con that the value of a product that can do it would automatically elevate it.

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Despite that, the PowerA Animal Crossing Joy-Con Comfort Grip is a fantastic alternative to the standard Nintendo Joy-Con Grip that comes packed in with original Switches and is significantly more comfortable than either of the options from Nintendo. When you realize that buying another Nintendo Joy-Con Grip can cost you $19.99 (Seriously, no joke), the $14.99 PowerA option for another grip is the only option, especially if you love Animal Crossing.

This one is actually comfortable, it is beyond cute with the adorable Isabelle on the front, and it serves its purpose wonderfully for an affordable price. Hopefully we will see another PowerA option in the future that can charge the Joy-Con while using the grip, but in the meantime, this is a winner.

PowerA Animal Crossing Joy-Con Comfort Grip Review provided by Nintendo Link
Maker: PowerA
Release Date: Available now via PowerA
Price: $14.99 USD: PowerA site,

powera animal crossing joy-con comfort grip

Comfortable ergonomic grip

Wider center

Beautiful theme and design

Great price!


No charging option (Not really its fault, but just a reality)

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