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Top 10 Best Switch Games Coming This Week

Top 10 Best Switch Games Coming This Week

Switch Games Releasing for the Week of Sep 27 - Oct 3, Including Steel Assault, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, and FIFA 22, Among Others

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The Nintendo Switch definitely has games and a lot of them at that. It seems something new is coming every week nowadays, and keeping up with everything coming in can be a challenge. Luckily there are ways to sift through the mountain-high piles to find something to focus on.

This article will cover titles coming to the Nintendo Switch this week. You can purchase most of them in the US and the UK for fairly cheap, and there’s a good mix of both indies and major releases coming out from now until Friday. If you want to get these games at the cheapest price possible, there’s a way you can check for prices in different regions to see how they compare. We’ll list the US and UK here.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the 10 Switch games you should keep on your radar for this week!

1. Steel Assault$14.99 / £11.99 (Sep 28)

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Let’s start the week off with a bang! The debut action-adventure title from indie developer Zenovia Interactive, Steel Assault, blasts onto the Nintendo Switch and PC on September 28th. This arcade-style 16-bit platformer has you play as Taro Takahashi, a resistance soldier on a revenge mission against the dictator who lords over the ashes in a vibrant, post-apocalyptic America. Control Takahashi with dynamic, side-scrolling combat and utilize every tool in his arsenal to destroy any enemies standing in the way of his quest.

Incorporating unique mechanics such as the grappling-hook system and hand-crafted stages with optimal screen resolution, this blast from the past is sure to make a lasting impression!

2. ConnecTank$29.99 / £26.99 (Sep 28)

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Another day, another dollar earned by blowing up tanks! Make way for the debut title of developer Tamatin Entertainment, ConnecTank, coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, and other consoles on September 28th! This colorful little game is all about one thing: tanks. Choose one of three shipping barons to work for as you link conveyor belts together to craft ammo and resources for your job of battling your boss’s rival competitors to keep them from taking over the market.

Combining together elements of a roguelike with delightfully fun gameplay and art style, this is a title you don’t want to miss!

3. Centipede: Recharged$9.99 / £7.99 (Sep 29)

The classic bug-blaster arcade game is back and better than ever! This old-school, neon-fueled Shooter from Atari is making its way back into the limelight on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PC, and other consoles on September 29th! The game has been re-imagined for the modern-day with improved visuals, a 16:9 field of play, and an original soundtrack from award-winning video game composer Megan McDuffee. Aim for a high score in the old-school arcade mode to earn bragging rights, or test your skills in one of 30 intensely creative challenges.

That’s far from all that has been re-imagined with this classic, but you’ll just have to see for yourself when this retro-revamp finally arrives.

4. Astria Ascending$39.99 / £35.99 (Sep 30)

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Prepare for an epic and emotional tale of fate and sacrifice when Astria Ascending, the latest JRPG title by Artisan Studios, arrives on Switch and PC on September 30th. This fantasy adventure takes you to the world of Orcanon, where twelve ancient beasts dwell in the vast and expansive world. As one of the Fated Eight, your role is to explore this world, filled with all range of puzzles, dangers, and an immersive, mature story from the developers from Final Fantasy, Nier Automata, and Bravely Default.

What will your fate be when this title ascends onto the Nintendo Switch this week?

5. Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute$76.99 (Sep 30)

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Return to the classic world of Cotton Guard with the bundle title set to release on September 30th. Bringing together all three Cotton games released in the ’90s for Sega Saturn, Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute features full English-language support and a host of new features to ensure that fans all over the globe can experience the magic of its world and characters.

Do you have what it takes to face your foes in this modernized shoot ’em up collection – or will you fall to the magical forces threatening the world?

*You can buy each individual game in the US shop separately for $17.99 each.

6. UNSIGHTED$19.99 / £17.99 (Sep 30)

In a world ravaged by war, the robotic Alma awakens in a world filled with the UNSIGHTED, other robots who have lost their sense of self due to a shortage of the energy resource known as Anima. You can explore the rich and intricate world of Arcadia and craft weapons, befriend allies, and make choices to decide your fate all while playing in a beautiful pixelated world.

You won’t want to miss this futuristic cyberpunk-style adventure when it launches on the Switch, PC, and other consoles on September 30th.

7. Aeon Drive$14.99 (Sep 30)

This arcade-style action platformer from 2Awesome Studios is rushing in on Nintendo Switch and PC on September 30th, and it’s all about speed! Play as Jackelyne, a young space ranger from another dimension who must venture through the bustling cyberpunk metropolis of Neo Barcelona to find her way home, and she’s going to have to be fast if she wants to make it out alive. Good thing she has the ability to warp space and time to help with that!

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Ready to see how fast you can go?

8. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania – Digital Deluxe Edition – $39.99 / £34.99 (Oct 1-5)

The latest entry in the iconic Super Monkey Ball series is rolling onto Nintendo Switch and consoles on October 5th! However, with the Digital Deluxe Edition, you can experience all the game has to offer and more early. The Digital Deluxe Edition also includes access to Classic Character Pack, Golden Banana Mode, SEGA Legends Pack, Classic Soundtrack, and the Customization Pack, all rolled up in one for even more fun!

It may be worth it to experience this crazy banana with AiAi and his friends on October 1st if you purchase(d) Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania – Digital Deluxe Edition.

9. Gris: Collector’s Edition – (Oct 1)

Return to the serene and intricate world of GRIS in this upcoming Collector’s Edition that only enhances the emotional and beautiful title by Nomada Studio. Play as a young lost girl exploring a meticulously designed world filled with detailed animation, an elegant original score, light puzzles, and a series of challenges. The Collector’s Edition also includes a game cartridge with artwork by the game’s artist, Conrad Roset, an exclusive 112-page art book in portrait format; the official soundtrack CD; and a collectible tuck-in box housing all the contents.

Immerse yourself even deeper into the world of GRIS when the Collector’s Edition launches on October 1st.

*The game is currently available for purchase on both the US and UK eShops, but the Collector’s Edition will be a limited physical bundle.

10. FIFA 22$39.99 / £34.99 (Oct 1-2)

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Get ready to play ball when the latest entry in the FIFA series of sports titles comes to Nintendo Switch on October 1st! The Legacy Edition and Ultimate Edition will also be available come October 2nd, providing even more features to make the game as realistic and advanced as possible. Experience the new goal system, advance ball physics to enhance the action, Career Mode to customize and build your perfect squad, and so much more!

Rise through the ranks and achieve glory in FIFA 22 when it launches later this week.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your Switch releases! What do you think of this week’s offerings? Will you be picking anything up? Let us know in the comments below!

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