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MagGo Nintendo Switch Compact Carry Bag Review

MagGo Nintendo Switch Compact Carry Bag Review


Back in February this year, ultix outdoors ltd. launched a Kickstarter campaign for THE ULTIMATE NINTENDO SWITCH COMPACT CARRY BAG – MagGo, and they were quite successful. We wrote about the bag back in February, and we got some good response from readers, so I backed the project myself and have decided to take this “ULTIMATE” experience on the road with me to see just how good it actually is.

SPOILER ALERT: It is pretty awesome.

In regards to presentation, right out of the gate, the MagGo is wrapped up wonderfully and came in a fun, custom box that has print on both the inside and outside, with a reminder on the inside that this is “The Ultimate Travel Bag for Nintendo Switch”. The bag itself is housed within a nice, reusable plastic bag that keeps the MagGo from getting any scratches during transport. This is some top-quality packaging, and I would even compare this to Apple in many ways.

The bag itself is very sleek and looks great! The first day I wore it out in public, I got numerous compliments from people who were genuinely interested in purchasing one themselves, so when it comes to aesthetics and design, ultix outdoors ltd. knocked it out of the park with this bag. It has a Batman-look about it which is cool in many, many ways.

The strap is easily adjustable, and it even has a sweet magnetic latch to disconnect the two strap ends for even easier removal. However, I still found the overhead lift to be the simple and more standard option, but I think the magnetic connector is a really nice touch.


The only real complaint I have with the entire bag is the strap adjuster. The clip that is provided does a decent job, but the slack often becomes dislodged and readjustment just becomes a regular action while wearing the MagGo, unfortunately.

The exterior also has a waterproof layer which is excellent if you are carrying your Nintendo Switch while it is raining. The bag does a good job keeping everything inside dry, but as is the case with any bag carrying important electronic devices, I wouldn’t advise hanging out in the rain for too long, even if it is safe.

But enough about the exterior, what about the insides? Well, the MagGo has two openings: the zipper opening in the back, and the selling point magnetic opening in the front. Both openings are super-easy to access, especially the magnetic one, and I honestly found myself storing essentials in that pouch during my travels along the American east. It is amazing how secure this magnetic pouch is and how well it closes considering its nature. I am wondering how this will last in the long term, but right out of the box, it is awesome.


Since this is boasted as the ultimate travel bag for the Switch, I gave the system multiple test runs in the bag to see just how accessible it is on the go, and to be honest, the bag works flawlessly. I store my portable battery in the back pouch and snake the wire through the provided hole to the front pouch where I store my Switch. This allows me to continue playing on the go even when my battery is running low with no problem at all, and there is plenty of room to store even more stuff in the bag like essentials, including your wallet, passport, keys, glasses, etc.

The bag also comes with a two-sided physical cartridge organizer that can house 12 games, and this organizer is removable and fits in either pouch easily thanks to its slim design.

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The MagGo has a lot going for it, and although it is designed particularly with the Nintendo Switch in mind, this is a top-tier bag even if you are not carrying your Switch console. It boasts a lot of unique elements, and it has lots of little compartments to store things like headphones, pens, wires, and such on top of anything else.


If you travel regularly with your Nintendo Switch, then look no further than the MagGo carry bag. It not only boasts an incredibly useful gimmick in its three magnets, especially its magnetic pouch, it also is a solid bag in its own right.

It is only unfortunate that the adjustable strap is a bit of a pain, because otherwise, I would claim the MagGo to be the best bag, not just travel bag, for the Switch, because it hits all the right buttons and then some. This is truly the ultimate travel bag for the Nintendo Switch, and it is an essential purchase for anyone that loves to travel and play their games.

MagGo Review provided by Nintendo Link
Maker: ultix outdoors ltd.
Release Date: PRE-ORDER NOW
Price: £58 GBP, $81 USD


Beautifully sleek and awesome design


Carries Switch perfectly well and then some

Fantastic presentation

All those magnets!


Adjustable strap and its clip are a bit annoying

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