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Mars Horizon: Expanded Horizons Coming Free to Console and PC

Mars Horizon: Expanded Horizons Coming Free to Console and PC

mars horizon: expanded horizons

Mars Horizon, the absolutely excellent management simulation that Peter loved, is getting a huge new expansion for free on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox, and Playstation! Mars Horizon: Expanded Horizons adds tons of new content to an already bustling game, and it will be landing on June 22nd, 2021.

Mars Horizon: Expanded Horizons is the biggest update for the game to date, and it includes:

  • New Mission – NASA’s Perseverance Rover and the Ingenuity Helicopter which landed on 18 February 2021
  • Reusable Vehicles – Reflecting real world advancements by companies like SpaceX
  • New Vehicle packs – 6 new vehicles from JAXA, ESA and other agencies
  • Sandbox Mode – Heavily requested by the community the ultimate customisable Mars Horizon experience
  • Iron Core Mode – Also community requested, the toughest way to play ever
  • Lots of gameplay improvements –  Such as a catch-up mechanic and some new cinematics
  • New Custom Agency logo – Send our cow to space


  • Nintendo Switch Demo – Try running your space agency on the go! Give the game a try for free on Switch. I mean, we heavily recommend it!
  • Epic Game Store We are bringing Mars Horizon to the EGS on the 22nd June as well – with Expanded Horizons included too!

You can learn even more about the update on Auroch Digital’s blog post from today, so if you are interested and want to get a better idea of what is coming your way on June 22nd, click right here.

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Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your gaming news and updates! What do you think of this new free expansion for Mars Horizon? Are you looking forward to it? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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