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The Legend of Tianding Kicking Its Way to Switch and PC

The Legend of Tianding Kicking Its Way to Switch and PC

Legend of Tian Ding

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Neon Doctrine and CGCG have announced today that The Legend of Tianding, a side-scrolling action game, will be kicking and punching its way to the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The art style is beautiful, and it looks to be a lot of fun!

Check out the trailer for more:

About The Legend of Tianding

The Taiwanese Robin Hood
Play as Liao Tianding (AKA. Liāu Thiam-Ting), vigilante of Taipei city and wanted by the Colonial Japanese authorities. Rob the rich, feed the poor, and fight for justice in the streets of early 20th century Taipei as Taiwan’s legendary outlaw.

Based on real events, real people and real situations, The Legend of Tianding is an exploration of a place and time often overlooked and presented in the style of Traditional Chinese Manga.

Kung Fu Fighting
Battle the colonial authorities in style with a tanto, waist sash, and fast paced Kung Fu in tightly tuned technical combat. Execute advanced aerial combos, steal weapons from your enemies, use your waist sash and grappling hook to fly around the battlefield, and strike fear into the hearts of your oppressors.

Take on incredible bosses like deadly courtesans, greedy businessmen, and even military leaders, each one guaranteed to challenge you with their dynamic abilities and brutal attacks.

Taipei at the turn of the century
Explore the Dadaocheng area of Taipei city as it looked like in the early 1900’s Run through colorful streets, ride on a speeding train, and make your escape through dark sewers, all done in the style of a retro Traditional Chinese Manga.

Power ups galore
Even the playing field and tailor Liao Tianding to your playstyle with different equippable talismans! These magical items grant you bonuses such as recovering more health from food, regaining stamina faster, or even reducing the damage you take.

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the legend of tian ding

There is no release date or pricing for The Legend of Tian Ding, but we will keep you updated as new information comes forward.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your gaming news and updates. What do you think of this new side-scrolling action title? What are your thoughts on the art style? Let us know in the comments below. Happy gaming, everyone!

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