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PowerA Protection Case for Nintendo Switch Review

PowerA Protection Case for Nintendo Switch Review

powera protection case

PowerA was kind enough to include an Animal Crossing: New Horizons-themed PowerA Protection Case alongside the PowerA FUSION Pro Wireless Controller that we reviewed, so I offered to review this case as well. I have had the same carrying case for my Nintendo Switch for years, so this was a pleasant surprise to receive and I cannot help but smile seeing the beautiful Animal Crossing: New Horizons decorations.

So is this a protective case that is worthy of housing your Switch console? Well, I have some great news! Because it is, and I have the review for you.

powera protection case

The PowerA Protection Case for Nintendo Switch is a solid case. It has a sturdy outer shell, a nice rubber grip to hold while walking with it, and dual zippers on the outside for easy access and opening, but one of the coolest features is one of the simplest ones and that is the ability to house both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite.

A foam insert is included inside the case that cradles the Switch Lite really well, and if you remove the foam inset, a normal Switch will fit instead.

I was skeptical about this claim, so I quickly put it to the test with my normal Switch and my son’s Switch Lite. To my surprise, the foam insert works perfectly, and the PowerA Protection Case does a fine job housing either Switch model thanks to this insert.

Aside from the consoles it can protect, the PowerA Protection Case is also capable of holding 8 Switch cartridges snugly in the middle flap that also serves to protect the screen of the Switch. The Velcro strip helps to hold the flap down, protecting the console even more.

The top side of the case provides another area to house other Switch accessories, and you are able to put a few things in there comfortably without compromising the shape of the case or the console itself.

I was able to get a couple Joy-Con straps, some amiibo cards for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Naturally), and a USB-C cable in there with no problem. However, as this is a smaller carrying case, the proper charging cable and the dock cannot fit, but a small USB power adapter can fit in there well for charging purposes.

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This is a lovely case for the Nintendo Switch family and provides a lot of protection and care for a very affordable and justified price. If you are looking for a small case that is sturdier that the average Nintendo-branded case, then this is a perfect alternative.

If you are a new Switch owner and are looking for the right case for your new hybrid console, I highly recommend the PowerA Protection Case for your casual housing or travel purposes. This is a fantastic case, and the Animal Crossing: New Horizons design is simply the best.

PowerA Protection Case Review provided by Nintendo Link
Maker: PowerA
Release Date: Available now via PowerA or via Amazon
Price: $19.99

powera protection case

Sturdy and effective case

Can house both Switch and Switch Lite

Holds 8 game cartridges

Great price!


Can't fit charger cable or dock (Not really a negative, but reality)

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