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How Hasn’t an Animal Crossing Animated Series Been Made Yet?

How Hasn’t an Animal Crossing Animated Series Been Made Yet?

animal crossing animated series

It’s so confusing that an Animal Crossing animated series is not enlightening our lives right now. With Nintendo being looser and looser with its properties by giving their golden plumber Mario to an average animation studio, Ilumination, it’s kind of hard to imagine how Animal Crossing hasn’t made the leap yet. Let’s explore how Animal Crossing can be amazing as an animated series.

Comedic Writing and Storylines

Animal Crossing is very funny… and punny. A lot of lines of dialogue give you a smile as you play through New Horizons, and there are so many unique characters you can play with in a written format. Obviously, Tom Nook and Isabelle would be the main characters alongside the Villager, but with each episode, they could figure out how to solve each island neighbour’s issues, like the games. One episode could be about how Gulliver the seagull has been shipwrecked and needs parts to repair his communication device, for example. I think that would be a good foundation for a show, and perhaps, it would be a good way to introduce Animal Crossing to a younger audience (Something that Nintendo would be very keen on marketing to).

animal crossing animated series

I could see as the series goes on, the island becomes better and better with landscaping, houses, and more residents to meet. I think this kind of arc would match a TV show really well.

Perhaps the audience can get a say of what’s in the island in the end, and the conclusion of the show would be K.K. Slider performing in front of all the characters the audience has met along the way.

The Animation Style

I think an animation studio would have a lot of fun creating the look of an Animal Crossing show. They could go with a Pokemon animated look, or go with something as wild as Aggretsuko with a boisterous style. Both would fit the charismatic charm of the game series. It would probably be best to be worked on by a Japanese studio, but I could see Disney with the wackiness of Star vs. The Forces of Evil making it happen.

Voice Acting or No Voice Acting?
That is the Question!

Part of the Animal Crossing DNA is its strange midi-speak that isn’t tiring at all in the game, but perhaps in an animated series it would. It’s hard to figure out whether or not voices would deter from what makes the series resound with so many people. Instead, perhaps, the animation could tell the story with muffled noises, like Shaun the Sheep or Mr Bean: The Animated Series. The comedic timing of the series could still be present with well-animated slap-stick comedy and storytelling.

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I think it would be a smart move to get this in production. The series could have beautiful animation, comedic writing, and a unique arc of seeing the island constantly improving until K.K. Slider comes to visit! It would be a win-win for the studio working on it and Nintendo for marketing an already best-selling entry in the series, New Horizons. Do you think I’m right or wrong?

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your fun feature pieces and random Animal Crossing insight. What do you think about an Animal Crossing animated series? Do you think it would work? Let us know in the comments below!

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