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Gunslugs 3DS & Switch Review – Run and Gun Chaos

Gunslugs 3DS & Switch Review – Run and Gun Chaos


Gunslugs is a game that is available on both the 3DS and Nintendo Switch. It is a game that feels very mobile in its roots and is a mindless run-and-gun action experience. Orange Pixel is known for its fun, little indie games, and this is no different.

But is Gunslugs worthy of your might dollar, or is this a game more appetizing off the sales rack? Well, let’s jump in and find out!


The game does very little to motivate you, as there is no story or character development whatsoever. You are just initially able to choose between Johnny Rumble or Gun Chick, who both control and play exactly the same (As do all the unlockable characters), and then you are tasked to shoot and destroy everything in your path.

You are initially taken through a tutorial stage of sorts that is short and painless, but then after that, the real game begins and it basically turns into an endless run-and-gun. It is a bit chaotic, but the sprite graphics and cute aesthetic encourage more play, even if it gets repetitive after a while.

Gunslugs also has a lot of picksups throughout the game that provide health, bullets, and even new guns and grenades. The different guns do not change a whole lot of the gameplay, but it is fun to see different bullet sprites fly across the screen as you spray down the enemies.


One mind-boggingly stupid thing in the game is that when you pause, the B-button takes you back to the main menu, losing any progression you just worked on. So if you were having an awesome run and getting big points but you got a phone call midway through, had to pause, and then came back to accidentally exit the awesome run you were having, you might be pretty pissed off (Did that sound too realistic? Because that’s exactly what happened to me). I cannot believe this was an oversight, since this can genuinely be a run killer.

As you finish areas, you will be met by the boss of that area, and the boss fights are still chaotic but in a fun way. I personally enjoyed the bosses significantly more than the actual levels, as they felt a bit more choreographed and less insane than the standard areas of dozens and dozens of enemies shooting at you wildly.

As you make your way to hell (Yes, the underworld), you will be entering random buildings that offer a lot of things. Most of the time, you are just picking up items, but there are also fun mini-games that you can play and even extra characters to rescue and unlock. It does add to the experience, and I especially liked the mini-games which feel like a lot of the same gameplay but a bit more survival-like.

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There are lots of cool perks to get along the way, some of which are quite funny. You can drive tanks and fly jetpacks in certain levels, and obtaining the chicken-gun that shoots eggs is just great.

The gist of the game is that you get one life to run through procedurally generated levels, so it does feel like each round is a bit different. Although this is not a top-tier game, especially in this genre, it does do most things right and looks good in the process.

Honestly, for the price, Gunslugs is a fun, little ride that provides loads of potential entertainment. The fact that it supports local 2-player co-op is just icing on the cake and adds to the value. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you enjoy a very simple arcade-like game with fun unlocks and loads of replay value, then this is an easy recommend. Just be aware of the blatant flaws, especially that stupid menu situation and the B-button (Yes, I’m still bitter! B means BACK when in the menu, not exit!).

Gunslugs Review provided by Nintendo Link
Publisher: Orange Pixel
Release Date: November 3, 2020
Price: $7.99, £7.99, €7,99
Game Size: 50 MB


Nice, simple action gameplay

Cute sprite artwork

Good fun in co-op

Cool boss fights


Gets a bit repetitive


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