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Donut County – Nindie Spotlight – Donuts Are Bad For You.

Donut County – Nindie Spotlight – Donuts Are Bad For You.

Howdy, all! It’s Saturday which means a brand new Nindie Spotlight for you to sink your teeth into (See what I did there?). Today we are talking about a game that I experienced for the first time very recently and one that I absolutely fell in love with. Now I’m here to tell you why you should, too. I’m Chelly, and this is your Nindie Spotlight of the week – Donut County.

Donut County

A game where trash is treasure, Donut County is a physics based puzzle game (Using the word “puzzle” very loosely) in which you play as the most bizarre character I’ve experienced yet (If you can even call it a character) – an ever-growing hole in the ground.

The story is simple. Racoons have taken over Donut County and are using remote-controlled holes (How?!) to steal peoples garbage. I mean, I guess they could’ve just asked. The bad part is the more items that are swallowed by the hole, the bigger the hole gets until, eventually, the whole (or hole?) town will be devoured, leaving everybody sat at the bottom of a pit with a lot of questions.

So, the way in which the holes are introduced to peoples’ homes, if you like, is via an app. Residents of the town often find themselves quite peckish, and when they do they seem to order some doughnuts for delivery. But, instead of a doughnut arriving, they get a nice little hole. See, doughnuts ARE bad for you…

The gameplay is super-simple, but it’s also super-satisfying. The idea is to move the hole over to anything and everything you can see to get it to drop down, starting off with the smaller items and moving onto the bigger items as the hole grows. Radios, sunloungers, buildings, and even people can be dropped into the hole, and the way in which this happens is very amusing and, dare I say, almost therapeutic.

There is a little more to the game than just dropping items into a hole, though. In order to progress onto the next stage, sometimes you will need to swallow items in a certain order to cause some effects to happen. For example, in one of the levels, you have to swallow some ingredients in a particular order to make a soup. Because… why not?

The absolute best part of Donut County is the people you meet and the way they converse with each other. It’s witty and cute, and you will 100% be giggling to yourself whilst it’s happening. Just like I was. Who doesn’t want to see a racoon on the toilet?

donut county

What Does It Look Like?

Well, Donut County looks so very cute. Complimented with a gentle cell-shade that makes everything pop out, each character is so wonderfully designed and uniquely of the game. The different areas you visit are so detailed despite the cartoonish look, and every item, building, or person you end up dropping down the whole caters to the beautiful backdrop of each stage.

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This is simply a fun, hilarious, and beautiful game!

Okay, granted, Donut County isn’t a lengthy game, though. It will last you a few hours at most, but let me tell you, it will be the best few hours you put into a game. For a game so simple, I had a ton of fun with it, and I just HAD to tell you guys about it. If you do anything today, please, please, please play Donut County. You won’t regret it.

donut county

And that’s all, folks! There is this week’s Nindie Spotlight on Donut County. Check out Jason’s review of the game for more detail. Join me next time for another brief look into the Nintendo Switch’s best Nindie titles. What are some of your favourite indie games? Let us know in the comments below! Thank you for visiting Nintendo Link, and I’ll see you all next week!

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