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Snakebyte GAMES:TOWER Review – Storage For Everything

Snakebyte GAMES:TOWER Review – Storage For Everything

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To follow on from our Multi:Playcon Review, Snakebyte has been kind enough to send us over something else to test out. This time it’s the GAMES:TOWER for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, a one-stop place to store all of your Switch goodies.

Is this an accessory worthy of your entertainment center? Well, let’s find out!

This little beauty will save a lot of space and store a lot of your things all in one place. So, let us run through the basics.

The GAMES:TOWER has enough space on it for 10 games cases, 2 pro controllers, 2 alternative controllers, and the Nintendo Switch Dock, and it even has a little draw at the bottom for wires and/or JoyCon. Sounds handy, yes? It is.

The GAMES:TOWER requires a little DIY in order to get it up and running which I did find to be a little finicky. The premise of putting it together isn’t hard at all, but I found it to be a little tough to get particular parts to fit into where they needed to go. After a small battle, it was ready to use.

In terms of practicality, the GAMES:TOWER is a brilliant item; making a lot of items fit into a significantly smaller space is ideal for those with little space to hold or even display everything. Everything does fit into or onto the tower nicely and securely (We will talk about the Dock in a short while).

I did find the pullout draw required a lot of effort to actually pull it out and push it back in though. It’s not a smooth motion. I actually ended up holding onto other parts of the Games Tower to actually get it open and/or closed.

My controllers fit alongside it nicely, and although they are a little wobbly on there, it’s nothing that would be in danger of falling off unless there was some movement to where they are placed. I only wish the drawer below was big enough to fit the Multi:Playcon into. It’s a shame that as a device by the same company, there has been no integration for their own products, as the Playcon won’t fit on the controller handles fitted at the side of the tower either. I ended up actually storing them underneath the game cases (See image below).

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Now, for that dock holder at the top of the GAMES:TOWER. This is something I haven’t seen in any other dock, making it incredibly unique and such a good idea. Now you don’t require two spaces on your gaming shelf – I know you have one. I only wish that the dock would somehow clip into place as opposed to just sliding into the top. Although it doesn’t feel unstable, I just felt a little uneasy knowing it is atop there, especially seeing as my Nintendo Switch is placed on top of my shelf anyway.

Having 10 spaces for your game cases is incredibly handy too if you have 10 or fewer games. I couldn’t see myself using this as I have a lot more than 10 Nintendo Switch games on my shelf and I couldn’t keep them in separate places because I’m weird like that. Totally one of my own faults. Nobody else probably thinks like this, so go ahead and shove your games in there!

Overall, the Snakebyte GAMES:TOWER is a brilliant addition to any Nintendo Switch player’s shelf. It’s useful, innovative, and smart, and it keeps things neat and tidy. All the things I’m a fan of. If you have Switch stuff lying about everywhere, go get yourself one of these! You won’t regret it.

Snakebyte GAMES:TOWER for Nintendo Switch provided by James at Bope on behalf of SnakeByte.
Review provided by Nintendo Link
Maker: Snakebyte
Release Date: January 2020
Price: 19.99


Keeps everything neat and tidy in one place

Looks smart

Good price point

Fairly simple to put together


Pull out draw doesn't open/close easily

No integration for other Snakebyte products

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