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Heroes of Loot Switch Review – That Sweet Loot

Heroes of Loot Switch Review – That Sweet Loot

If there’s one thing I love in video games, it’s loot. More importantly, an infinite number of loot. I want to be picking up junk in each and every room I enter, I want loot coming out of my ears. That’s exactly what the aptly named Heroes of Loot contains. A hell of a lot of loot.

Heroes of Loot is a rogue-like dungeon crawler that doubles up as a twin-stick shooter. But this game offers one little difference – as you learn and become stronger, so does the dungeon. Let’s do this review!

There are four classes to choose from in Heroes of Loot: Elf, Warrior, Wizard, and Valkyrie – with another class becoming available after reaching dungeon 30. All with different stats. You can switch between these as you see fit, finding which one suits you best. You aren’t tied down once you choose, which I liked. Once you have selected your class for that run, off you go, into the dungeon.

You will be dropped into a randomly generated dungeon, and the first thing you will notice is just how much loot there is to collect! Coins, gems, chests! It’s all there. Sadly, this isn’t the kind of loot that provides you with new weapons and armour. The loot you collect in Heroes of Loot will add to your total score, EXP, and money to spend in the odd shop you may come across in your run. All that glimmering goodness is gone the second you die.

Of course, you’re not going to be alone in the dungeon. To accompany you there will be ghouls and ghosts and a lot of them. Think to the ratio of, for every one gem, there will be two monsters to defeat. It’s not really a worry though, as all the monsters you come across are fairly easy to kill. There’s no real skill in killing them either, you pretty much just mash the attack button and hope for the best. Seeing as -at the earlier stages – the monsters in the dungeon don’t necessarily do a lot of damage to you, and you pick up health quite often, you’re not going to die until you get overrun with enemies… which will happen.

heroes of loot

Each level of the dungeon plays out exactly the same: kill the enemies, collect the loot, rescue some prisoners, find a key, open a door. Rinse and repeat. There are little missions you can collect along the way also, but that’s the gist of it. If you’re not a fan of repetition in games, maybe avoid this one.

Each run will allow your character to level up and upgrade their weapons and health and such. But this will also allow the dungeon to improve, making enemies tougher and proving more challenging. This is an exciting feature that I hope to see in more rogue-lites as it stops the uneven difficulty levels.

Along your journey through the dungeon, you will find three kinds of rooms: hidden rooms, shops, and challenge rooms. The hidden rooms are exactly that, hidden. Usually hiding behind a wall, you won’t notice them until you get close. But when you do, it’s so worth it as they are filled with loot! The shops will allow you to spend your hard-earned coins on things like shields and potions to help get you through. Finally, the challenge rooms give you a single quest to complete within a certain amount of time. Complete said challenge and receive a reward of some kind.

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I would have liked there to have been a sort of ‘end game’ agenda to your runs, because you just keep going through the levels until you die, but I guess this fits into the developer’s never-ending gameplay theory.

heroes of loot

As for Heroes of Loot‘s graphics, they’re great! It has a very 80’s inspired pixelated art-style that I personally am a huge fan of. Simple yet effective. Sadly, the design of the dungeons aren’t as great. It feels like you’re in the same dungeon over and over again. The walls may change places, but it’s the same place.

I do believe that Heroes of Loot is great value for your money, coming in at only £6.99 for literally an infinite amount of hours of gameplay – if you’re a fan of that. There may not be a lot to do in the game, it may not feature a lot of things, but what it does do is offer the player some fun, relaxing gameplay – and that is worth a lot, in my book.

Heroes of Loot Review provided by Nintendo Link
Developer: Orange Pixel
Release Date: Dec 08 2020
Price: £6.99, $7.99
Game Size: 45MB


Fun, relaxing gameplay


Nostalgic art style

Dungeon evolves with you


Repetitive gameplay

No variation to the dungeons

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