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Super Sports Blast Switch Review – 3 in 1!

Super Sports Blast Switch Review – 3 in 1!

super sports blast

Unfinished Pixel has pumped out three sports titles on the Nintendo Switch so far: Super Soccer Blast, Super Tennis Blast, and Super Volleyball Blast. All titles can be purchased separately, but the team behind the games decided to package them all together in an explosive sports title called Super Sports Blast.

Well, considering we have not reviewed the individual sports titles, this will serve as your review of not only the Super Sports Blast package but also each title separately, since you can buy them individually too.

super sports blast

Super Soccer Blast

Let’s start off with the most popular of the three titles, Super Soccer Blast.

This is your basic soccer affair. Nice 10 v 10 action, simple controls, and up to 4-player local support. I was honestly impressed with the AI, and the numerous games I played were active, fun, and fully enjoyable.

Of all the three titles in Super Sports Blast, the visuals look best in Super Soccer Blast, and it has a lot to do with the wide spectrum. The field is bigger, the details are grander, and it simply feels like a “bigger” game than its virtual competitors.

There are three modes: World Tour which allows you to participate in a handful of tournaments; Quick Match that skips that nonsense and lets you quickly dive into a game; and finally Custom Competitions which gives you the freedom to create your own game. There is a lot of potential play here, and when you add in the customizer, creating your own players (That look a lot like Miis) and teams makes for an even more entertaining outing.

Super Soccer Blast will not be your FIFA replacement, but it is a solid soccer game that you can genuinely enjoy with anyone, especially if you have kids interested in the sport but don’t want to deal with all of the management that is part of bigger titles.

Super Volleyball Blast

Next up in the Super Sports Blast package is Super Volleyball Blast.

This is a good volleyball game, but it takes on the form of beach volleyball, which is commonly a 2 v 2 game. Unfortunately, that means there is no option for traditional 6 v 6 matches, but what is on offer here is solid and still great fun.

Super Volleyball Blast surprisingly has a lot of play options and modes. There is the standard Quick Match, Tournament mode for up to 16 players (Still broken down to 8 teams of 2 players each), Story Mode for those wanting to get more out of their volleyball game, and finally Super Blast, a bizarre mode that includes modifiers that complicate the game. Each mode offers a lot, and the AI opponents offer a good challenge for any age.

Like Soccer, Super Volleyball Blast has an avatar customizer, but it is only for players and not for teams. That means the customization level in Volleyball is not quite as extensive as Soccer. It is still a great addition to the game, and it makes for some very entertaining matches when you have some silly avatars out there.

Super Tennis Blast

To round up the Super Sports Blast package, we have Super Tennis Blast.

Sadly, this was the least enjoyable of the three outings, and it has a lot to do with the AI. I found that in the couple dozen matches I played in Super Tennis Blast, I rarely-to-never found worthy competition. Maybe that caters to my brilliant virtual tennis skills, but I think the AI for Tennis is the weakest.

Super Tennis Blast and Super Volleyball Blast share a lot in common when it comes to modes and such. The biggest difference is that Tennis can be played solo for some 1 v 1 action, whereas Volleyball must be 2 v 2. The World Tour mode is a lot of fun and serves as the Story Mode/Tournament Mode combination. Finally, Super Blast is back again for some crazy antics to modify the game of tennis.

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An extra thing that Tennis has is Mini Games, which is basically some skill-based games that challenge your tennis level. It is a nice addition and definitely adds more value to this game, but I found myself magnetizing more towards World Tour while playing Tennis.

The avatar editor in Tennis is nearly identical to Volleyball.

Super Sports Blast

So is this package worth your time and money? Well, I guess that has a lot to do with your preferences. Since all three titles can be purchased separately, buying the sport(s) you enjoy the most makes sense. However, Super Sports Blast does offer all three games at a discounted price of $24.99, but the discount is not so noteworthy as buying each title on their own will cost you a total of $27.97. Since the individual titles are regularly on sale, I find the price of Super Sports Blast to be rather baffling. It should be priced in such a way that it feels like a deal, but sadly it is not.

Does that mean the package is not worth its price? Of course not. If you enjoy sports in general and have family and friends in the house that would be entertained by competitive or cooperative play, then Super Sports Blast will entertain to a high degree. But if you are looking for something casual, then I recommend waiting for a discount on any of the titles or possibly even this package.

At the end of the day, there are three solid sports titles here that are well polished and properly fun. None of these titles will replace your sports simulator, but they are quite accessible and offer loads of gameplay.

Super Sports Blast Review Provided By Nintendo Link
Publisher: Unfinished Pixel
Release Date: Dec. 25, 2020
Price: $24.99, £22.49, €24,99
Game Size: 442MB

super sports blast

3 genuinely fun sports titles

Avatar editor is great


Great local multiplayer


Not a great package deal/discount

AI in tennis is too easy

Lack of 6 v 6 in volleyball

No online options

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