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The ShapeShifter, A New Game Boy Title, Releasing in 2021

The ShapeShifter, A New Game Boy Title, Releasing in 2021

the shapeshifter

Not only are we getting a new NES title in 2021, but it looks like GreenBoy Games is doing one better by releasing a new Game Boy game this year called The Shapeshifter that you can back on Kickstarter right now. This title has been built from the ground up to be able to run on an original Game Boy, and the plan is to release both a physical cartridge of the game for anyone who still has an original Game Boy lying around and a ROM for any Game Boy emulator out there.

The plan is for the game to release later this year, and Green Boy Games even released a final demo video to show off the game a couple days ago.

What is The Shapeshifter?

The Shapeshifter is a brand new title being developed for the Game Boy, and the project is currently on Kickstarter for fans and gamers to support.

You are Elliot, an ordinary person who is going to spend the weekend in the mountains with some friends. All of you have fallen asleep in the open air, near a campfire, but the cold of the night wakes you up… or maybe it was a cry for help there in the distance… who knows?

Elliot meets a little elf who is asking you for help: Save the elves’ world from the wizard’s spell! To do this, the little elf gives you a great power: You will become the animal you touch, but remember that the power will fade at dawn.

You must hurry! We do not have much time. Once you cross through the hole in the centennial broccoli tree, you will immerse yourself in the elves’ world. Things that you thought were simpler get more complicated with every step you take. Nothing is what it seems in this fantasy world, and you won’t think that the best of powers is sometimes hard to handle.

You will put yourself in the shoes of various animals. Land, sea, and air. Choose the animal that best suits each of the environments in The Shapeshifter.

the shapeshifter

Who are GreenBoy Games?

You would think that a new Game Boy game releasing in 2021 would be a bigger deal, but GreenBoy Games has actually been supporting the hardware for a while now. The Shapeshifter will be Dana Puch’s 6th Game Boy game release.

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Dana Puch is the heart and soul of GreenBoy Games, and he believes in keeping the Game Boy alive with his creations. For the past couple years, he has pumped out the following titles: Where is my body?, Micro Doctor, Lunar Journey, Submarine 9, and Leo Legend. Dana claims that The Shapeshifter is his most ambitious project yet, so please be excited about this new Kickstarter!

One of Dana’s challenges is to improve every game he develops as GreenBoy Games, and he considers everything from the graphics to the packaging has been substantially improved over the course of his game development experience.

If you are interested, definitely check out The Kickstarter page for The Shapeshifter and consider backing it, and you can also follow Dana on Twitter to stay up-to-date with development and new projects.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your Game Boy news and Kickstarter projects. What do you think about this one from GreenBoy Games? Are you planning on backing this one? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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