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Golf Story – Nindie Spotlight

Golf Story – Nindie Spotlight

golf story

Good day, everyone, and welcome to another Nindie Spotlight, where we talk about our favorite Nindies and why you should play them. I’m Chelly, and this is your Nindie Spotlight for today – Golf Story.

Okay, I’m not a person that is really into golf. Let me make that clear. Many people who hear the name Golf Story will probably think, “I don’t like golf, this one isn’t for me”, but trust me. This is so much more than a golf game.

Golf Story is a story of a rookie golfer who gives up everything for a chance at ‘making it’ in the golfing world. Surprisingly, golf seemed to be on the back burner while I was playing this game, because it is essentially an RPG game with golf. What took priority was uncovering players’ backgrounds, leveling up, and completing quests… and then a little bit of golf.

Upon starting the game you will be greeted by a story-esque tutorial. This is something the game does brilliantly, introducing new mechanics through the story of the game. Tutorials never feel forced or unnecessary.

Okay, granted it includes very basic RPG mechanics, but it was enough to make me forget I was playing a golf game. Completing quests and challenges will allow you to gain EXP and also net you some cash.

When you gain enough EXP to level up you will then be able to put some allocated points into certain perks in order to, well, be better. Power, Purity, Strike, Ability, and Spin are what you are able to upgrade. All of these help you become a better golfer and ultimately one step closer to that Pro Tour.

The golfing mechanics are pretty satisfying also. It plays out like many golf games, as you can probably imagine. There is a line which displays where your ball will land (roughly) which you will need to aim. When you’re satisfied, you click to build up your power – clicking twice in a certain position to determine how powerful your shot is – and that’s pretty much it. Obviously, you need to take into account the wind direction and if you’re on a slope, and you also have different techniques for different clubs but you get the idea.

golf story

Graphics and Sound

Golf Story looks great. It’s like a very pixelated, retro-style game. If you have read my other Nindie Spotlights from previous weeks, I bet you’re beginning to see a pattern, right? Yes, It’s no secret I love pixelated, simple games.

As you can imagine, it’s very green but it is extremely eye-pleasing. A ton of detail has gone into each and every aspect of the game from the trees to the shadows they cast. Simply beautiful.

Being a 2D world (and this is my only gripe), it is very difficult to see the slopes. Yes, there is an arrow which tells you how much of a slope you are on, but it would be nice to actually be able to see that.

See Also

My absolute favourite thing about Golf Story was the way in which the narrative is displayed. Each time a character speaks – or thinks – it is displayed above their head like a speech bubble. But it is the way in which it is displayed that is great. It’s strange how a different font can set an emotion perfectly. Certain words will be displayed in bold and certain words will shake or move in a certain way.

The soundtrack is very calming and upbeat at the same time. But it always made me happy. I found myself often sat down and bobbing to the music, unintentionally. Strange, but I loved it.

These are just a few reasons why you should play Golf Story. It’s a fantastic game with an enticing story and gameplay that will last just shy of 20 hours. With Sports Story releasing soon, there has never been a better time to play this!

golf story

And that’s all, folks! There is your Nindie Spotlight on Golf Story. Join me next time for another brief look into the Nintendo Switch’s best Nindie titles. What are some of your favorite indie games? Let us know in the comments below! Thank you for visiting Nintendo Link, and I’ll see you all again soon!

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