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Singled Out Review – Better Shoot the Right Guy

Singled Out Review – Better Shoot the Right Guy

singled out

Singled Out is a fun arcade game by Matt Glanville. He is actually a solo indie developer that released two games on the eShop at the same time. Chelly is taking care of Ghost Grab 3000, and I will be reviewing Singled Out. By the end of this review, I hope you consider checking out both games and support someone who is clearly talented and has a bright future ahead of him.

When it comes to arcade games like Singled Out, we do not usually assess the story (As there does not tend to be one), but the gist of the game is that you are a detective and have to use your skills to determine who the galactic criminal is among a group of lovable alien civilians.

The fact that there is no due process and the detective simply shoots the criminal (or civilian, if you are mistaken) is a bit grim, but it does make for some panicky decision making. Maybe space truly is the final frontier.

singled out

Being an arcade-style game, Singled Out‘s premise is quite simple. You are presented with the faces of some suspects, and only one of them belongs to the guilty party. The only way you are able to decipher the baddie is by the three clues given to you on the left side of the screen, and these clues are simply cut parts of the face.

This is not a completely original idea, but it is done here so well that you have to commend it.

The Normal mode puts you against the timer to figure out who the criminal is while the Practice mode has no timer to allow you to figure out certain patterns to better prepare you for the main show. The timer in Normal mode is spectacular, and I never felt like my failures were anything but my own. The clues you are presented with are always great, it is just a matter of you using your reflexes and tackling the right people. I especially love how it mixes the order of features, because some times eyes and ears can look fairly similar and can really throw your game off.

Memory Mode is something you need to unlock (After reaching level 30 for the first time), and wowzers, it is really tough. You get three seconds to see the identifiable features, and then they disappear. This means for the remainder of the time, you have to track down the galactic culprit based on information that you are trying to recall from your short-term memory.

I found all of the different game modes to be loads of fun, and each of them provide their own benefits and challenges. For such a simple arcade game, Singled Out is quite addicting, thanks mostly to the online leaderboard. After each failure, I kept finding myself saying, “One more time!”, as I jumped back in to it.

As with everything else in the game, the music and sound effects within Singled Out are perfect for what the game is trying to achieve. The game sounds like a space-y wild west, which is the perfect tone for what is being presented in front of you. The sound of the gun fire, and chime of taking out the right target, and the dun-dun-dun-like bit that plays when you fail just really guts you.

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singled out

The visuals are absolutely charming, and the distinct features that Matt Glanville decided to use for the different faces are wonderfully unique and give such a wide variety of colors, styles, and looks. As you progress through the levels, more and more faces fill the screen, and seeing the differences in them all is mind-blowing. The combinations that are made with the handful of pieces makes each round feel unlike the last.

Singled Out will run you $4.99 USD on the eShop, which is a great price for the package you are getting, especially if you are a fan of arcade-like games with competitive leaderboards.

My only real complaint, and it is something that docks the value a bit, is the lack of multiplayer. This is a perfect experience for two people to compete against each other locally. Awarding points to the person who discovers the culprit first could be a great method, and it would be appreciated if Matt Glanville takes this into consideration and applies it in a future update.

Singled Out Review provided by Nintendo Link
Developer: Matthew Glanville
Release Date: July 3, 2020
Price: $4.99, £3.99, €4.39
Game Size: 125 MB

singled out

Addictive gameplay

Charming and unique visuals and sounds

Great price


Lack of multiplayer

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