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Best Nintendo Fan Art this Week #FanArt Funday

Best Nintendo Fan Art this Week #FanArt Funday

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There are a lot of boring, irritating, or just plain not nice posts that seem to inhabit Twitter feeds more than not recently. So when I see some beautiful Nintendo Fan Art, I’m there! I’ve collected 5 pieces of awesome fan art for you this week to get excited about.

Also, could we all start using the hashtag #nintendofanart, please? That would make my life easier when searching for these works of fan art.

5. Peach Christmas

At number 5, we have this awesome 3D render(!!!) of Peach. The only reason this one isn’t higher on the list is that it’s so good I’m almost sure it’s a screenshot. I think you can tell it’s real, because Peach’s face is slightly different to the games, but only slightly. I would also be so pumped to dress my Christmas tree like this!

4. Cute Pokemon Couple

At number 4, we’ve got this cute anime style Pokemon fan art. Not only does it look great as a stand alone image, but it’s so kind of the artist to make this for a couple! Definitely one of the best presents one can receive as a couple in my opinion. Definitely gets extra points. It’s also a really nice touch how they’ve included three Pokemon at their feet! I hope these three are the couples top 3 Pokemon.

3. Super Pretty Peach

At number 3, we have this super pretty Peach. It would be great as a stand alone picture, but I think the yellow is the ideal colour here to compliment peach’s iconic pink. The stars additionally are super fun, and because of the varying sizes it really does seem like an explosion. I’m not entirely sure whether the turnip is a reference too but if it’s to animal crossing that’s super cute. Let me know down in the comments what you think the turnip is referring to.

2. 6 Links

We’re getting close to the big No. 1! This is one of my favourites this week, just because of how the artist here goes through multiple different Zelda games. It’s cool to see their impressions of the character’s appearance throughout the different entries in the series.

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1. Casual Princess Daisy

This week I’ve chosen these super cute Princess Daisy fanarts as my number 1 choice! I especially like these because the ginger of her hair goes really well with the background giving it a look which is in contrast to the normal shininess of Nintendo. Another way this one has gone against the grain is that it shows daisy in everyday outfits rather than the ones she wears in game. This artist is certainly an original, and I’m all about originality!

I hope you enjoyed this cool cluster of Nintendo Fan Art. I’m super excited to get this started as a series, and I hope to see you again next week for some more artsy awesomeness. When I’m not writing about art and Nintendo, I’m hosting Nintendo Link’s original podcast, Nintendo Daily. Essentially we’re trying to make the first ever Nintendo focused podcast that comes out everyday, so come join me as I work my way up to my target streak of 100 episodes!

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