Minecraft Steve is Coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate


Minecraft Steve was officially announced as the new fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate as part of Fighter Pass 2. This has been a character people have been begging for since the original Fighter Pass was introduced and a welcome addition to the Smash Bros series.

Minecraft Steve rocks the block alongside Alex, Zombie, and Enderman. All four characters are different skins and play similarly, quite like the Koopalings. In many ways, Steve seems like he feels very similar to Villager from Animal Crossing, as he has lots of silly moves and attacks directly from the Minecraft game.

Sakurai admits that this was a very difficult task to take on, as the characters have limited range and movesets. This is where Sakurai had to use his magic to make the Minecraft characters work in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and be comparable to the other fighters.


Whether you are a fan of this decision or not, it is awesome to see Sakurai reach out to more gaming communities and their iconic characters, and Minecraft is officially one of the best selling games of all time.

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Mr Sakurai will also be giving another presentation called “Steve and Alex” that will go LIVE on October 3rd, 7:30am PST/10:30am EST.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your Super Smash Bros Ultimate news and Fighter Pass updates! What did you think of this new addition? Are you pumped beyond measure? Or are you disappointed it was not Shantae like me? Oh, well. Maybe next time. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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