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Rivals of Aether Definitive Edition is Coming to Switch on Sept 24th!

Rivals of Aether Definitive Edition is Coming to Switch on Sept 24th!

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Indie platform fighter Rivals of Aether is coming to Switch with it’s Definitive Edition of the game on September 24th! The Definitive Edition is going to have all the features of the current game that’s already available on PC and Xbox One but with upgrades and additions to their already substantial modes and characters.

The Definitive Edition will be coming to Switch with all 12 characters including indie guest characters Ori and Sein as well as Shovel Knight. In addition to that, they will have all of the skins and everything available in the current version of the game.

Rivals of Aether Full Cast

There are some new updates to modes like the fan favorite Abyss Mode and even a new Tetherball like mode that’s basically just regular tetherball with Rivals of Aether characters. Not much more was shown off, but Dan Fornace showed that the Ranked mode will start to change the Ranked rating to a per character basis, and if you want to switch character mid-set you can only switch to a character that is either same rank or lower rank than the character you previously played. It should be expected that most of the modes will receive some kind of touching up though.

Rivals of Tetherball

The game is also improving the Online mode, and although it’s not Rollback netcode I hope that it makes the online good enough that people will continue to play it. The netcode will hopefully still keep receiving updates, as right now online is really important for games to stay alive during the pandemic. In addition to that, they are increasing the max players from 2 to 4 which will allow Teams and Free For All modes to be played online which should add some good variety for those that want to play more than 1v1s.

Rivals of Aether on Switch

Besides these features there is also unlockable milestones that give you rewards the more you play of specific characters, it’s sort of hard to explain but they are almost like individual battle passes for characters with various cosmetic rewards being available the more and more you play the specific character that you like to play. Unlike Battle Passes though these are free and included with the definitive edition of the game. It’s always nice to have cosmetic options for characters you love so these seem like a solid idea to keep players invested in playing the game long term.

Character Milestones

Dan Fornace also mentioned on the live stream that there is Gamecube controller support included with the Switch version as well so all of those Smash Bros. players don’t have to fear about using a Nintendo Pro Controller or something else which is nice for those that have that special controller that they really like to use.

Besides that, there is some more information for those that already own the PC version but none of it is really relevant to the Switch release of the game, but you can read the rest of the announcement here.

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Rivals of Aether Definitive Edition comes out on Switch and PC on September 24th with the edition coming to Xbox later in 2021 (Sorry Xbox players).

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