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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Devs Share Blog Post

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Devs Share Blog Post

mario kart live: home circuit

In one of the most out-of-nowhere announcements during the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct, Nintendo and Velan Studios announced a new interactive Mario Kart game called Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. This bold idea takes toys and video games and brings them together to create something truly special.

Essentially, you are able to create your own tracks thanks to the game’s programming and a built-in camera that is part of the Mario Kart Live toy, and these tracks help make the most mundane of places to become exciting new worlds for Mario and his friends to whiz around.

mario kart live: home circuit

Nintendo rarely gives third-parties control of their major franchises, but they clearly built a strong relationship with Velan Studios, a team made up of scrappy inventors and game makers who like to tinker and prototype new ideas.

Velan Studios has clearly been working on this project for quite some time, but they were finally able to talk about this project personally since Nintendo finally announced it at the recently Direct.

The team released a blog post that goes into some of the details of their relationship with Nintendo, their goals and values, and a little sharing about Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. Since this is the first time they are talking about everything, they do not spend a whole lot of time on the game itself, but they promise that more details and the invention story will be shared in their next post.

mario kart

This truly does feel like a larger-than-life approach to the Mario Kart series. In a similar way to the kart riding that happens in downtown Tokyo, something about kart racing in the real world makes a game and franchise feel bigger. When Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit launches, kids and parents of all ages will be creating unique experiences that can only happen thanks to the magic provided by Nintendo and teams like Velan Studios.

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When my son and I watched the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct the other day, this was the game that caught our attention the most, and I could see a glitter in my son’s eye that caused me to think, “I am pre-ordering this one as soon as possible.”

When more news of the game comes out, we will be sure to update.

Thank you for tuning in to Nintendo Link for all of your Nintendo-related news and blog posts. What do you think of this bold approach for Mario Kart? Will you be trying this one out? Or will you avoid it like most people did with LABO? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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