Evertried, Turnbased RPG Roguelite, Funds in 34 hours!

  • A turn based game that moves as fast as you do.
  • The team is from Santos, Brazil.
  • The game still has 25 days to hit it's numerous stretch goals.

Evertried, the game where you play as “a fallen warrior in search for the afterlife”, has already raised £5,175 of it’s £3,767 goal from 203 backers. You can watch the Evertried trailer below.

In Evertried, you will work through different levels (there’s 50!) and scenery (split into 5 areas with varying visual themes and new enemy types) to acquire shards from fallen enemies to spend at the shop that you can access at floors 5, 15, 25, and so on. Since the shop can only be accessed occasionally players will have to carefully spend their shards in order to take advantage of various deals on healing potions and other power ups.

Every 10 floors the players will meet a guardian who will test if they are strong enough to move onto the next area. Currently the game will reuse the same guardian with higher health but with your help additional bosses (hopefully all five) will be unlocked through the many stretch goals.

With such a low budget backers may worry that Evertried may be too big a project to take on however from what I can see the game will be complex enough to be enjoyable but without anything that could possibly be considered unnecessary. Hopefully this will be a case of constraints leading to further creativity.

Superhot-Vibes: It may surprise you that a game that looks so different could remind me of Superhot but Evertried does. Why? Essentially enemies only move when you move which means that despite being turn-based you can play the game as fast (or as slow?!) as you want. Hopefully this feature will bring some new players into the genre who may otherwise have been put off.

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The Shop in Evertried
The shop

The game is a collaboration between independent developer Danilo Domingues, an indie solo developer, and Brazilian Game studio Lunic Games which was founded just last year.

Want to give it a go? Well you can because there’s a demo! Give it a try here, and let us know what you think in the comments or let the dev’s know on their Twitter. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out Will Heath’s first feature piece on the site.

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