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Mega Evolution Has Arrived in Pokemon GO!

Mega Evolution Has Arrived in Pokemon GO!

mega evolution in pokemon go

Pokemon GO has been teasing the release of Mega Evolution for quite some time now, but the day has finally arrived and the first batch of Mega Evolution Pokemon are available in raids.

As of this writing, only four Pokemon with Mega Evolutions are in the game. Blastoise, Charizard, Venosaur, and Beedrill are the inaugural Mega Evolves that we will be fighting against and adding to our teams. Mega Evolution is a temporary effect, so even after winning these newly added raids, their new looks and strength will not be permanent.

mega evolution

Mega Energy is limited in the game and is in many ways similar to that of Pokemon candy that you receive by catching Pokemon or walking with your buddy. While your Pokemon are in their Mega state, the Mega Energy will deplete over time and they will eventually return to their normalized state once it runs out.

You will receive Mega Energy for particular Pokemon by battling them in Mega Raids, a new tier of raid battle that has officially launched as of today. Depending on how quickly you complete these new raids will determine how much Mega Energy you will receive in the end.

Mega Evolution Pokemon will receive increased stats, particularly in the CP department, and they can even be set as your buddy! But just like Legendary Pokemon, these Mega Evolutions will not be able to defend gyms and they are not allowed in online competitive GO Battle League (At least for the time being). Shadow and Clone Pokemon are not able to Mega Evolve either. You can access new Mega Pokemon stuff in the game’s Pokedex now as well which lets you keep track of each one you have.

Alongside the new Mega Raids is a new quest line called “A Mega Discovery”, which is a 4 part quest that will reward you with lots of Beedrill Mega Energy so you can Mega Evolve your best Beedrill! Will you be Mega Evolving a regular ol’ Beedrill or a Shiny Beedrill?

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It is an exciting time to be playing Pokemon GO! Get out there and get your Megas today!

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your Pokemon GO news and needs. Are you pumped for this new update? Which Megas are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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