Jason Capp

jason capp

Jason Capp is the editor-in-chief and a contributor to Nintendo Link. He is a husband, father, son, and brother, and he is also a gamer, a writer, and a wannabe pro wrestler. His favorite games include Super Metroid, Celeste, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Mario Maker 2. It is hard to erase the smile off of this simple man.

Will Goad

Will Goad is the founder and CEO of Focus Media and occasional contributor to Nintendo Link. He loves bike rides, eating exotic foods, and playing the cello. His might knows no bounds, and he is a threat to be reckoned with.

Ethan Buck

Ethan Buck is a journalist that has been writing in the industry for years now and enjoys a weird mixture of RPGs, Fighting Games, and Pokemon.

Will Heath

Will Heath is a freelance writer and digital nomad from the UK who mostly splits his time between London and Tokyo. He runs the website Books & Bao – a site dedicated to international literature and world travel – and writes about video games for Nintendo Link and Tokyo Weekender.

Chelsea Beardsmore


Chelsea Beardsmore, AKA Chelly, loves video games. When she is not writing about them, she is probably busy adding more to her ever-expanding backlog.