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How to Unlock Galactic Mode in Super Mario Strikers: Battle League

How to Unlock Galactic Mode in Super Mario Strikers: Battle League

galactic mode

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Now that Mario Strikers: Battle League is out, some people may be wondering about unlocks. Well, Galactic Mode is the biggest unlock (And really the only one, unfortunately), so this guide will serve in helping you to unlock this mode as well as share what else you get while unlocking this.

Without further ado, let’s get to unlocking this Galactic Mode!

galactic mode

How to Unlock Galactic Mode

From the main menu, you will choose Cup Battles, and you will see a list of championship cups. If you are just entering this mode for the first time (Pictured above), you will notice that the bottom one is not revealed and can only be unlocked by clearing all of the other Cups (Cannon, Chain, Turbo, Muscle, and Trick).

Once you win all of the previous Cups, Championship Cup will unlock. This is the last Cup in the Normal Mode for Cup Battles (It doesn’t specify this initially), and once you clear it, you will unlock two very fun things:

  • Galactic Mode: A harder list of Championship Cups
  • Bushido Gear: New gear for your character that has the most unique stats
galactic mode

Galactic Mode has its own set of Cups, although they are all named the same as the Normal Cups, but this time the difficulty is increased, your opponents will all be wearing gear, and the payout in coins is much larger.

Unfortunately, there is nothing to unlock after clearing Galactic Mode, but you should earn enough coins clearing all of the Cups to buy all of the remaining gear you have not acquired yet.

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Galactic Mode is a great option for players who found Normal to be too easy, as it does ramp things up and makes matches against the CPU much more interesting. Hopefully this will tide everyone over as we wait for Strikers Club to go live.

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