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POWA! is a New Game Boy Platformer Available Now!

POWA! is a New Game Boy Platformer Available Now!


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Developer Aiguanachein and Publisher First Press Games have announced the completion of POWA!, which is a brand-new platforming game for all Game Boy-compatible consoles. A new Game Boy game, you say? Yes! You read that correctly, so whip out those old handhelds or GBA attachment for your GameCube and get platforming!

POWA! is available both digitally and physically. There is even a demo available on their site. First Press Games is handling the physical distribution, and it comes with a working Game Boy (Color) cartridge. There are many editions to choose from, so check out the selection here.

Check out the new trailer, too:

About POWA!

POWA! is a newly developed action-platformer in a similar vein as other genre-classics of the handheld, like Kirby’s Dreamland and Trip World.

The gameplay is decidedly kept simple and makes POWA! easy to pick it up, but challenging to conquer. A good variety of level themes and obstacles, with an ever-increasing difficulty curve creates a versatile and engaging platforming experience.

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  • a brand-new Game Boy Color game with backwards-compatibility to Classic Game Boy hardware
  • fun and simple platforming-gameplay with tight controls
  • five levels with multiple segments and challenging boss fights
  • super-cute presentation and a bopping soundtrack
  • replay-value through varying difficulty modes and a time-score after each play-through
  • utilizes Super Game Boy-features when played on a SNES/SFC

POWA! is available now both digitally and physically, so get your copy today.

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