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Loopers Heading To Nintendo Switch

Loopers Heading To Nintendo Switch

Prototype has announced that they’re planning on bringing the visual novel, Loopers, to the Nintendo Switch this year. Japan will be getting the game on May 28th whereas a date for the West is yet to be announced, but English support has been confirmed.

Take a look at the trailer:

About Loopers

Let’s set out to find a real treasure.

Tyler is a high school student who is obsessed with geohunting, a GPS-based treasure hunting game. One day during summer vacation, Tyler and his friends get drawn into a mysterious incident while out treasure-hunting. The real and imagined become interconnected. Thoughts are thrown into chaos. Tomorrow becomes today.

Swallowed up by a time vortex, they are trapped in a never-ending time loop, repeating “today” again and again.

Then they meet other “loopers.” Simon, the leader, and the mysterious girl Mia. If they join forces, will they be able to break out from this eternal prison…?

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You can take a look at the official website for Loopers here.

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