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Castle Morihisa Deckbuilding on Switch Next Month

Castle Morihisa Deckbuilding on Switch Next Month

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Castle Morihisa, the tactical roguelike deck builder set in a dark fantasy feudal Japan from developer Smokingbear Studio and publisher Thermite Games, arrives on Windows PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on Thursday, February 10th, 2022.

Check out the trailer:

About Castle Morihisa

Trek towards the ominous Castle Morihisa as one of four classes to investigate the mysterious unease spreading across the region. Balance the Monk’s Meditation and Mantra systems to stun foes and channel armor-boosting karma. Slice through enemies as the Samurai, a fearsome warrior whose Sakura and Retaliation abilities deal massive damage. Call upon spirits as the Onmyoji, a blood magic wielder. Or stalk prey from the shadows as a Ninja, launching Kunai, Shuriken, and Mantra Signs at unsuspecting monsters.

Balance each hero’s abilities with expansive decks comprised of over 300 cards. Create powerful combos during battles against foes inspired by Japanese folklore. Progress across an overworld map rife with enemy encounters, branching paths, and merchants peddling rare wares and new cards. Outplay twisted zombies, living trees, and other monstrous creatures that require calculated strategies and well-produced card decks.

Net hard-earned coined by overcoming challenging showdowns and spend the winnings on upgrades, cards, and class-specific skill tree upgrades full of powerful passives that enhance future battles. Commune with legendary following warriors to harness their spirits in the form of powerful but limited multi-use abilities which can turn the tide of combat at a moment’s notice. 

Strive to reach the Castle, but do not fear failure, because each new run features randomly generated encounters to encourage replayability and experimentation. Face off against minibosses, random encounters, and the deadly foes lurking behind the Castle’s walls that constantly test each character’s deckbuilding mastery in a roguelike package.

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Castle Morihisa’s hundreds of cards, unique character-specific abilities, and folklore-inspired world combine for a delightfully challenged and utterly rewarding experience,” said Zhenghang Cai, Game Producer, Smokingbear Studios. “By blending both deckbuilding systems and roguelike design elements, we believe players will be eagerly awaiting their chance to march toward Castle Morihisa on Nintendo Switch and PC on February 10!”

Castle Morihisa launches on Nintendo Switch on Thursday, February 10th, 2022 for $14.99/€12.49 with a 10% launch discount.

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