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Copper Jacket, Brand New NES Campaign On Kickstarter

Copper Jacket, Brand New NES Campaign On Kickstarter

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Monsoon Studios have begun their very first Kickstarter campaign and it’s one you might not expect – an action-shooter game for the NES.

First off, here’s the trailer:

About Copper Jacket

Copper Jacket is an action-shooter NES game that supports 1-2 simultaneous players. This is a challenging game, so be ready for a fight! Also, this game has been designed to play on NTSC systems, but may function on PAL systems; that said, no official PAL tests have been conducted. If you plan to buy for PAL please be aware of this. As for console testing, tests have been done on both original and top-loader NES consoles.


  • Up to 2 simultaneous players
  • 5 worlds — 13 levels in total
  • Lots of enemies
  • World Bosses
  • Upgrade weapons
  • Short cut-scenes between worlds

You play as a renegade combat expert who sports a military grade rifle and carries with him a lot of heavy bombs. Luckily for you, you are equipped with plenty of ammunition and do not need to worry about running out. Your main weapon – the rifle – is an excellent projectile weapon that has a good amount of range and your bombs, while not having much range, can be used tactically to eliminate certain enemies who may appear behind you when your back is turned.

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For more information on Copper Jacket and to back the project, check out the official Kickstarter page here.

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