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Lila’s Sky Ark Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

Lila’s Sky Ark Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

Graffiti Games and Monolith of Minds have confirmed that they will be bringing their latest action-adventure game, Lila’s Sky Ark, to the Nintendo Switch when it releases in 2022.

Take a look at the game’s trailer below:

About Lila’s Sky Ark

Lila’s Sky Ark is a vibrant action-adventure game set in a psychedelic world, filled with strange characters, puzzles, intense fights and secrets.

One morning Lila and her friends, Mr. Kiepchen and Doctor-Father-Sir, wake up to find themselves facing a grim foe: The Conductor and his generals who have invaded the sky island to take all that is magical and musical.

You must unite the island’s spirits and craft powerful weapons using alchemy to fight back! Use Stone Souls, Titan Eyes, Infinite Branches, and more weird items to fight off rabid animals, hordes of the empire’s soldiers and fierce bosses with more heavy metal than you can stomach!

Key Features

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– Craft powerful weapons using alchemy recipes.
– Battle rabid animals and hordes of pink soldiers.
– Fight brutal bosses in intense battles.
– Instead of a boring sword, Lila can throw around all kinds of things that she finds on her way: rocks, barrels, sheep and more.
– Four lively areas filled with wild encounters, challenges, and puzzles.
– A quirky cast of characters.
– A hidden story of loss and loneliness.
– Lila’s Sky Ark tells the prequel story to Resolutiion, where cyber-thriller meets Alice in Wonderland: the first Cradle, the original Dreamer, and the birth of the Red Code Universe.

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