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Sacrifire Is A Title To Watch Out For – Kickstarter Icon

Sacrifire Is A Title To Watch Out For – Kickstarter Icon

From the creators of Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs and Warsaw comes Sacrifire, a modern JRPG-inspired game with a unique battle system, rich story, fantastic visuals, and music by Motoi Sakuraba. If this sounds like your cup of tea, watch this trailer.

With an ambitious goal of £70,203, Sacrifire has already reached this number with £72,000 raised (and counting) and 21 days to go. It’s clear to see that many people still have a place in their hearts for some good old RPG goodness – more than 2200, actually (and counting). That number has probably changed now, but you get my point.

SacriFire is an upcoming RPG, inspired by the 90s titles that began our love affair with gaming. For as long as we have worked on SacriFire, we’ve held to one simple but ambitious concept: to take the best of the games we grew up with (Vagrant Story and Xenogears amongst them) and to combine those elements with contemporary storytelling and QoL improvements in order to create an RPG experience that feels simultaneously nostalgic and modern.

SacriFire is planned to launch for PC (Steam, Epic Game Store, GOG) and will be playable on PS4, PS5, XB1, XSX, and the Nintendo Switch in 2022.

It also already has its own planned DLC with pets called Cuddly Crusaders, allowing you to adopt your own lizardcat, frogdog, or a pterodactyl!

The Cuddly Crusaders DLC is attached to the new Archdeacon Tier and is already automatically included in all higher tiers (Bishop, Archbishop, Cardinal, Father & Heretic), so don’t worry if you’ve already pledged. If you’re currently pledging at the Deacon tier, then upgrading your pledge will also give you access to the Cuddly Crusaders DLC. This is a fun, cosmetic reward that allows you to show some additional support for SacriFire. With Cuddly Crusaders installed, Ezekiel will be able to adopt an adorable critter who will follow him wherever he goes. Each pet has a number of fun animations and yes, you can pet the frogdog (or lizardcat).

I mean, this is all it takes for me to say I’m sold on Sacrifire.

⦁ Dynamic battles – Our combat engine merges real-time and turn-based styles to provide a fluid experience that is both challenging and satisfying. Fight alongside companions, choose from multiple weapons, target individual enemy body parts, and string attacks together to create elaborate combos.

⦁ High-quality presentation – Employing both pixel art and 3D graphics allows us to combine retro-style graphics with innovative digital effects wizardry. Hand-drawn and animated characters blend seamlessly with 3D-modeled environments.

⦁ Moral complexity – SacriFire’s original story aims to both respect and subvert the standard RPG tropes, so although you’ll feel right at home with our cast of lovable characters, you’ll never know what to expect next! 

⦁ A tale of two worlds – Travel between the sprawling subterranean city of Antioch and the idyllic spirit paradise of Erebus in a well-developed game universe which includes elements of both fantasy and science-fiction.

⦁ Elaborate gameplay systems – Adopt diverse combat disciplines, craft weapons, solve puzzles and tackle imaginative dungeons.

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⦁ Original Music and professional voice acting – A brand new soundtrack composed by G4F Records, and the legendary Motoi Sakuraba. The talented Sound Cadence Studios bring SacriFire’s memorable cast to life!

Nothing says “traditional JRPG” like a good ol’ fashioned class system, but naturally we’ve put our own SacriFire spin on things. 

As you progress through the game you will unlock “Virtues”, which you can switch between freely during combat. Each Virtue grants increased ability with certain weapons, and complements a specific playing style. Will you try to conquer your enemies through brute strength alone, powering through horde after horde of demons like a medieval battle tank in golden armour? Or will you favour a more subtle approach, dealing damage from afar and dodging out of range of enemy attacks? It’s up to you!
Each Virtue also has its own skill tree. As you progress, you’ll gain “Spirit Points” which can be spent, allowing the player to choose which skills, passive attributes, and abilities to unlock. We currently have five disciplines planned for the game, with a sixth waiting in the stretch goals. For spoiler-related reasons, we’ll only be going into four of them here, though!

Sounds great, right? This is just a tiny bit of the information available on the game. Not to mention, there are a few stretch goals still to unlock, which I have no doubt they will reach.

For more information on Sacrifire and to back the project, check out the Kickstarter page here.

What do you think? Is this a game you will be picking up day one? Do the stretch goals entice you? What are the Kickstarters you have recently backed? We want to hear from you, so let us know down in the comments! Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link.

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