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Landflix Odyssey Review – Landflix and Chill?

Landflix Odyssey Review – Landflix and Chill?

In these uncertain and unusual times, COVID-19 has a large percentage of us in a position we thought we would never be in – having to stay in the house, not even able to go to work. As great as this sounds, many of us are spending our days sat in front of the TV, not even getting out of our PJs. Never have we watched so much Netflix. So, it wouldn’t be too crazy to imagine a world in which watching too much television can cause you to become sucked into it, right? Well, this is exactly what happens in Landflix Odyssey.

Landflix Odyssey is an action platformer in which you play as Larry, a layabout who spends his days sitting in front of the TV watching shows on the streaming service, Landflix. Larry finds himself in a compromising position when he gets sucked into the land of Landflix (see what I did there?) when he uses some special batteries. To get out, Larry must explore the worlds of the shows he’s been watching to find more of these so-called ‘special batteries’.

Landflix Odyssey has five worlds to explore, all of which take reference from TV shows found on Netflix. Peculier Stuff, Elder Thrones, Blindevil, Going Mad, and The Standing Dead are their names. I will let you figure them out. If you’re familiar with the shows they’re inspired by, though, you will notice a lot of Easter eggs from them, which is pretty cool. Everything from the character names to the environment you are in.

The gameplay in Landflix Odyssey is simple yet satisfying. It’s traditional platforming gameplay. Players must work from left to right, collecting coins and collectables, and defeating enemies in order to complete the level. It’s best to collect as much as you can throughout the level as coins are needed to unlock the next ‘episode’.

Just like TV shows, Landflix Odyssey’s levels are set out into episodes. Each series has five levels to play through. You can select your first level for free, but after that, you must pay 50 coins in order to unlock any of the others, which is easily done as there are 100 coins to collect in each level.

Each TV series in Landflix Odyssey has a move or an ability unique to those levels. For example, in the Peculiar Stuff levels, you can shift through to the upside-down (if you know, you know) or in the Going Mad levels, you can take drugs in order to increase your productivity. This is a really cool part of the game and one that allows each section to feel different from the last.

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The game itself features a pixelated art style that is reminiscent of games from my childhood, which I love. It really takes you back. Seeing the detail that has gone into each section is outstanding, too. The characters are witty and memorable, and the soundtrack is one that kept my head bobbing. Usually, in these kinds of games, it’s easy to get annoyed by the music. Not in Landflix Odyssey. You will find that the music in each series of levels is unique to those – and usually is a mix of the music from the series it takes inspiration from.

Overall, Landflix Odyssey is a game I didn’t expect to have the impact it did. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, and the references it makes to its real-life counterparts is simply brilliant. It’s a totally unique idea that I didn’t believe would work as well as it does. If you’re looking for a reason to get away from the Netflix binge, then this is it.

Landflix Odyssey Review provided by Nintendo Link
Developer: Fantastico Studio
Release Date: December 22, 2020
Price: $14.99, £13.49
Game Size: 988MB


Nostalgic Gameplay

Easter Eggs to TV shows are great

Simple yet fun

Pixel graphics are always a win


A little on the short side

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