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Mr Sakurai Presents “Steve and Alex”, Coming to a Smash Near You

Mr Sakurai Presents “Steve and Alex”, Coming to a Smash Near You

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Following up from the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate character reveal that was presented the other day, Mr Sakurai Presents “Steve and Alex”, main characters from Minecraft that will be playable in Smash Bros in the near future.

Since the reveal on October 1st was rather short and did not show off a whole lot of details for the new character(s), Nintendo usually follows up such a short reveal with a Mr Sakurai Presents to give us a deep dive into these new characters and what they will bring to the table.

Sakurai recorded this back in August, as Tokyo is still struggling with the coronavirus, but he really wanted to help introduce Steve, Alex, Zombie, and Enderman in his own unique way.

One unique thing he shared today is that normally he tests the game and new characters with his staff during lunch, but that is not possible right now due to quarantine. That means the character is still very much in development.

Moving on to Steve, you will immediately notice his movements and characteristics are directly from Minecraft. He has four different color variants, Alex has 3 variants, and then the Zombie and Enderman only have their one variant.

There is a lot to be said of Steve and his moveset, as Mr Sakurai goes into great detail about how they strengthened him despite his lack of range. Steve’s jumping is also that impressive, as it is comparable to someone like Little Mac.

mr sakurai presents

However, crafting is one of his techniques, and it is able to strengthen his weapons even more. Learning how to implement the crafting alongside his short-range attacking will be vital for gameplay.

Steve’s special moves like block building, fishing, minecart, TNT, and magma look quite powerful as well. These special abilities combined with Steve’s unique take on crafting and short-range attacking is going to make the new character a fun and entertaining threat in the Smash world.

Another truly bizarre thing about Steve in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate universe is that mining in different areas will reward you with different materials for crafting. Mining on Fox’s spaceship, for example, will net players very previous metals while mining on the beach on the Animal Crossing stage will give players nothing to be super happy about.

mr sakurai presents

More interesting details about crafting is that enemies can destroy your crafting table, but other Steves/Alexs/Zombies/Endermans can share the same table as you. New tables are brought back simply by using the craft special ability, but they will even spawn after holding the shield button for any amount of time.

In regards to creating blocks, there is a limit as to how many you can use at a time, and the blocks can only go so far to the left and right. Mining for materials also has its own limitations, as Steve only has a certain amount of space for this.

The last major detail from the presentation is Steve’s third jump, a flying ability called elytra. It is like a firework blast with little wings that shoots Steve in a certain direction, similar to Fox or Falco, but then Steve will dip as he tries to regain his footing, which will be interesting to see how people manage with it.

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The new Minecraft stages also look to be a lot of fun, as there are lot things to interact with. Blocks and trees can be destroyed, and even the other fighters can interact, albeit not as extensively as Steve. There will also be six new stages in total; Plains, Birch Forest, Savanna, Taiga, Snowy Tundra, and Stone Shore.

There will also be new Minecraft costumes for Mii Fighters to download, like the Creeper, Diamond Armor, and The Pig.

Overall, Steve and Alex seem like worthy additions to Smash, and the character has a lot of functional abilities that are going to make this new fighter one to keep an eye on.

If you are interested in more details about the character and a much more significant breakdown of Steve, please check out Mr Sakurai Presents “Steve and Alex”.

Minecraft Kirby is so cute!

There were many more details shared, including music from the Minecraft series that will be used in Smash Bros, and also the announcement of three new amiibo. Overall, it was a great 45+ minute presentation from Mr Sakurai, and it definitely helps paint a better picture of what we will be getting once Steve launches.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your Smash Bros news and gameplay videos. How are you feeling about Minecraft Steve after this Mr Sakurai Presents? Are you excited for the new fighter, or are you even less interested than before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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