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Indie NES Platform Fighter Super Tilt Bro with Wi-Fi and Rollback

Indie NES Platform Fighter Super Tilt Bro with Wi-Fi and Rollback

super tilt bro

Yes, I know the concept sounds absolutely silly, but that’s what the team behind Super Tilt Bro is trying to accomplish. The completely mad idea was shown off in a trailer showcasing the gameplay of Super Tilt Bro, a platform fighter being made and playable on the NES, which is already a funny concept by itself. But the team have announced that they have even found a way to implement Wi-Fi into the NES cartridge and have even included Rollback netcode to go along with it.

The creation of a madman and a genius

The whole concept honestly blows my mind, and while they are still in early alpha with development, the very idea that an indie studio might make an online platform fighter on NES function better than Smash Ultimate’s online is an entirely new dimension of meme I fully approve of.

The developer goes into the nitty gritty of how they accomplished this technical feat in another post, so to get a more detailed idea of how they even managed to pull this insanity off, check it out in the tweet below.

How even?!

The game in question of receiving these very strange upgrades is Super Tilt Bro, a demake of a Super Smash Bros game made especially for NES. The game runs on emulators for the NES and even has physical carts that work with it, although they are early prototypes. You can actually play the game right here. It has just added online play with other players, so I would encourage people to give it a shot because it’s a really interesting title in how it was designed.

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Regardless, this title receiving the mind boggling updates it does is very interesting and is a prime example of unconventional game design. It proves if you want to make any kind of game, you can if you put enough creativity and effort into it. Even an NES game… on Wi-Fi… with rollback netcode… in 2020.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your Nintendo related news and random NES updates. What do you think of this one? Do you fine it shocking that we are still getting new NES games in 2020 with Wi-Fi capabilities? Crazy stuff. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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